Mavs Cap Situation as of 7/13/12.

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Due to the flurry of activity, and everyone discussing potential further moves, I wanted to make sure that Mavs fans remain as informed as possible when it comes to our cap situation. I love many of the great ideas that you guys have; however, some of them are impossible without other moves being added at the same time. Here's where we currently stand cap wise.

So as you guys can see, we are starting to get strapped for cash. Now, I don't know what we are going to bid on Brand, but that is going to take almost all we have left. We are almost out of being able to straight up sign players. Also, we cannot get both Scola and Brand. Scola has a minimum bid of $3.33m per year due to amnesty rules that are semi-complicated and merit more time than I have, and so factoring Brand's expected cost, there is not enough space for both.

Also remember that the exception and the cap space cannot be combined to sign a player. The exception only allows spending $2.5m on one player, and the cap on a separate player. Delonte makes sense here, or in the alternative, a low-cost shooter.

Everything else has to be done through trades. We do have the Lamar trade exception, at $8.9m, but the entire salary has to fit in that exception for the player we acquire. Calderon does not fit, since he makes $10m+. We therefore have to be within 150% of matching salaries to get Calderon. I also heard Donnie say on Ben and Skin that we have several smaller exceptions around $2m-4m to use also, but I'm not sure where they came from, what amount they are, and when they expire, but Donnie is a much better source than I obviously.

Keep in mind we can always trade dump salary to open more possibilities, but these are just impossible to predict.

Please keep these rules in mind when discussing future possibilities in the comments. If you are really interested in cap management, please go read Larry Coon's Salary Cap FAQ. So valuable for a fan who likes reading complicated, boring rules. Enjoy!

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