In Cuban We Trust?...

Oh Cuban, where do we start?

I'll try and keep this from sounding like a rant but it helps sooth my Mavs wounds.

I'm fine and over disassembling the championship team because of the CBA and trying to get D-Will to town. I'm also okay with him choosing money instead of winning with Dirk (doesn't mean I like Derron now but I do respect him and don't blame him). So what made me start losing faith? The Jason Kidd multi-year deal as our top priority.

As soon as Williams chose Brooklyn the Mavericks did nothing, or so it seemed. They were interested in Nash but apparently wasn't to interested to make any offers. Couple days ago Beasley was tied to us as shown interest but he's gone now no offer or anything. One that wasn't mentioned but I thought could sign reasonably and even trade next year if we needed space was Spencer Hawes. Sixers signed him two years 15 mil if I'm correct or somewhere around there. The Mavs could have easily swung this for a young starting center and if they get Howard that is a very tradable contract. I know Eric Gordon wasn't on the list because I know Cuban wants to go after CP3 next year but what the Suns offered him the Mavs could have offered at least the same thing and have a PG or SG for the next 4 years and go for a center next year. I doubt CP3 is coming here he hasn't even mentioned us as a destination. So who do we go after first? Jason Kidd? To add insult to injury it's a multi-year deal. Are you serious Cuban?

Where does this put us now? Kidd starting again at age 39? I really hope we are signing him as a back-up role and not a starting one. I mean this is ridiculous our plan B or even C is Kidd again at age 39? Two days have gone by and this is the only thing we have done and the market is growing smaller and smaller by the hour it seems like Cuban is more interested in his show and Donnie is hiding in a closet since D-Will didn't come here.

Who should we go after now?

Heaven forbid we put the same damn team as last year or Cuban will see a lynching mob soon. Mavs for some reason have no interest in Dragic so that is a no. Lin is a possibility but don't think they will get in a bidding war for him. The two who make since or a place filler and possibly three is Chauncy Billups, Raymond Felton, and possibly D.J. Augustine. Billups is my number one choice because he is clutch spot up shooter and a great leader. He is someone that could add more spark the point guard that we haven't seen in a couple years even at age 35 he's still got it. Only concern is his injury status but I think a pre season will get him back to form. If this doesn't happen Felton and Augustine are pretty even on my radar. Felton is a underrated older point guard but still offers enough to be a starting point guard and still be solid at pg. Augustine is restricted but I don't think Jordan will mind cleaning off some more money off his books and he has slumped in the past year and a half but he is young and I think a change of scenery and playing with Dirk will help his game and bring him back to form.

Who else?

Brandon Roy is worth the risk and if he's anything that resembles his old self it will be an upgrade to our team tremendously. Jeff Green and Carlos Delfino are two that should be on the short list for SF. Lou Williams should be a main priority to replace Terry as a 6th man or even starting SG but with the way things are turning out I doubt he will come here. Don't see them going for a top Center this year though I would like to see them make a offer for Javale McGee but they are going to wait for Bynum and Howard. Thabeet seems like the target this year and Haywood will most likely be a Maverick still unfortunately. Anthony Randolph will be on the short list as back up to Dirk and don't expect Cardinal to be on the team, or I may mail in MFFL card back to Cuban. West is a possibility but I'm not sure where he would fit but don't be surprised if he gets resigned. As for who else, I'm not sure. I just hope they are upgrades and not fillers.

As for the rookies Carlisle doesn't have the patience for them but I think Calathes could be a surprise and for the draftees. Well your guess is as good as mine but I think at least one possibly two will show promise and maybe even contribute.

I'm not sure if this was helpful or if anybody shares my same views but I would like to see the Mavericks be more active and trying to make them better than filling spots on a roster. Anybody else see what I'm seeing or feeling?

Reader Submitted

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