An Open Letter to the MBT

Dear MBT,

I have been a fan of this team for the last 13 years. As I have grown older and matured, so has this team. As such, I can honestly say without a shred of doubt that watching Dirk and the team finally reaching the promised land after the countless heartbreaks and disappointment of the past was probably one of the sweetest and most joyous sports moments of my life thus far.

So, when we essentially gave up any respectable effort to defend of the title that we earned (please spare me the condescension of your denial and excuses, you know good and well that is what you did) , I was both extremely hesitant and yet cautiously optimistic for our future.

What followed was the embarrassment of a lockout-shortened season where we as the defending NBA champs gradually drifted out of the conversation and became an after-thought. It absolutely killed me inside that we - as the team that had reached the mountaintop only a short 12 months prior - had to scratch and claw simply to make the playoffs, where we were promptly swept by our young, hungry neighbors to the north.

Whatever, I dealt with it believing that this was a necessary sacrifice necessary to reach the grand vision that the MBT had sold us.

Fast-forward to this off-season:

As the offseason began, I find myself checking any and all sources of information relating to the Mavericks since the offseason began. Everyday I hoped would be the day that I finally discover some good news about moves that we are making to improve our team. Instead, this following has been our timeline:

Failed at getting Deron
Failed at retaining JET
Failed at even retaining Kidd
Failed at making ANY, like really seriously ANY AT ALL, I repeat A-N-Y moves to improve our roster

The Cherry on top (with an assist from the cavs)....failing at getting D12

At this point, I am so sad and disheartened I honestly don't know what to say. I am fairly confident that many of you here understand the pain and anguish that gradually dug deeper and deeper into your heart as other teams proceeded to make a variety of moves to improve their teams until there is almost nothing of value left on the market.

I feel as if I am watching a train wreck happen in slow motion as those who are responsible and capable of preventing it (*Cough Cuban, *Cough Donnie) simply sit idly in their blissful ignorance, all the while arrogantly reassuring us of "Dry Powders" and "Chasing Big Fishes" while doing nothing, abso-f#$%ing-lutely nothing at all.

Whats even more infuriating is that fact that, along with adopting this condescending attitude that practically insults our intelligence, you have chosen also to remain largely silent to your fan base regarding this matter.

I can only assume that you take us for fools, take our loyalty for granted, and have absolutely zero respect for us.

So then I must ask you: Why?
I don't understand.....just.....why??
Why have you no respect for the Dirk Nowitzki's character and his loyalty to this team? He has absolutely paid his dues and deserves to be on a winning squad.
Are you really content with just squandering Dirk's remaining years?

Make no mistake, you've failed us and you've failed us badly. Your lack of ingenuity, drafting skills and long list of gross miscalculations indicate a profound ineptitude that has effectively plunged us to the very edge of the abyss. So please, for the sake of our collective sanity, stop patronizing us with your false promises and reassurances. Simply admit that you've made a enormous mistake, shut the F@#$ up and attempt to improve our team as is your responsibility. Better yet, just walk away in shame and let somebody else do the job, because you seem absolutely incapable of it.

Screw you Donnie and Cuban. Stop F#$%ing up our team.


Mavs Fans

Reader Submitted

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