Try some trades?

Here are a few small trades that the Mavs could look at to bolster their PG play and rebounding without giving up any considerable pieces:

Detroit - Will Bynum

Dallas - Roddy, Dojo or Wright

Detroit is going nowhere so why not trade their 30 yo PG for a chance to take a free look at a couple 24 yos. For Dallas, it would be a cheap trade that would give them a veteran PG that is a pretty decent passer while maintaining cap flexibility. For Detroit, they probably aren't going to resign Bynum anyway with Knight and Stuckey in place. Detroit could also have an interest in Wright instead which could still work if Dallas swapped out Dojo.

Denver - Timofey Mozgov

Dallas - Wright, Roddy

Mozgov’s dropped back to being their third string center and hasn’t seen the floor half the games this month. Wright would fit right into their uptempo offense and would bring them some non-C size while maintaining their athleticism – he’d actually be a really good fit for them I think. Wright could give them what they were looking for when they signed Randolph. Then they could try Roddy or Dojo out for a while. Dallas gets a center-sized center that can rebound and defend and he's on the last year of his deal.

Philly - Arnett Moultrie, Royal Ivey

Dallas - Wright, Roddy

Philly has opted to play small ball this year with Lavoy Allen starting games at C instead of Spencer Hawes and Moultrie hasn’t managed to make a dent in the rotation despite possibly being their best rebounder (Philly is 24th in rebounding differential). If they want to go relatively small and still put up some points, Brandan Wright might be a better option than Allen. They could also test out Roddy B and get Moultrie’s 4 year deal off their books. Moultrie's a rookie so the Mavs would need to go back to their draft assessment since there isn't all that much NBA footage on him but from what I saw of him at UTEP and Miss St he was a beast on the boards, a good hustle guy, and someone that was happy scrapping and mixing it up under the basket. The Mavs could use a big guy like that.

For a little bit bigger swing:

Phoenix - Marcin Gortat, Michael Beasley, Shannon Brown, Jermaine O'Neal

Dallas - Kaman, Da Jones, Roddy, Wright, Crowder, James, picks

Phoenix is dead last in the west and has very little going for them. Gortat has stated publicly that he would like out since the offensive game is going away from him despite the Suns not really having any better options. If the Mavs were willing to take on the questionable contracts of Beasley and Brown (and maybe Morris), the Suns could look to do a dump giving them 20+ mil in cap space next year with pretty clean books as only Frye’s bad contract would remain but he’s out indefinitely with a heart condition so they can't trade him anyway. The trade would give the Suns cap relief and they’d pick up a couple young pieces in Crowder and James, probably a pick or two, as well as the chance to test out Wright and Roddy. For the Mavs, this would take up a good chunk of cap space for next year so there wouldn’t be the chance of a decent FA pickup but it would finally give them a starting caliber center who’s only 28 as well as an interesting piece in Beasley that could be Marion’s replacement when he moves on. Beasley just doesn’t fit in Phoenix for one reason or another and it shows in the numbers making his contract one of the worst free agency signings this off season but he was pretty good in Minny and with the right coaching I think he could revert (also he’s only 24). The Mavs would have some good young pieces for a change in Collison 25, Mayo 25, Beasley 24, and Gortat 28. It would suck to give up Crowder and Sarge but would be worth it if Phoenix somehow went for it.

What do yall think?

Reader Submitted

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