The Four Point Preview: Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers


Game four! Here's some thoughts to get you thinking about the game.

1.) What did the Lakers do over the summer?

It's hard to feel sorry for the Lakers, but they start this season in a very similar spot as the Mavericks of last year. Hall of Fame player Kobe Bryant is still out indefinitely rehabbing his torn Achilles tendon. Dwight Howard spurned them in favor of joining a younger, better equipped Rockets squad. Steve Nash got older. Coach Mike D'Antoni did not get fired.

The biggest order of business was filling out a roster with severe salary cap limitations. Former Mavericks Chris Kaman and Shawne Williams each agreed to one year deals to bolster the questionable front court depth. Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson, and Nick Young to give D'Antoni a variety of insane options to go along with Steve Blake, Nash, and Jodie Meeks for guard options.

Needless to say, these Lakers have been sarcastically donned the SwagTime Lakers.

2.) What Laker player is due for a big game?

It has to be Nick Young. He's been moved to the bench after being outplayed by Xavier Henry early on, having shot the ball at a 35% clip. Young's fairly talented and supremely confident and I'm betting the move to the bench motivates him to prove D'Antoni wrong. Of course, he could very well shoot himself out of the game, but with the questionable defensive prowess in the Dallas back court, Young could very well have a field day.

Steve Nash is another option. Though he's been dealing with the ramifications of being old, having a bad back, and playing a fast paced style, Nash is so gifted he could easily light the Dallas defense on fire.

3.) What Maverick player is due for a big game?

This is hard, because after three games just about all of the rotation players have had at least one good, if not great, game. Jose Calderon tops the list again, but his game Saturday against the Grizzlies saw him hit a few shots finally. He's really playing pretty well over all, but compared to the other starters, he's the only guy who has yet to have a great game this season.

4.) What team statistic might determine the game?

This has to be shooting percentage. Neither team is great at defending or rebounding, but each has a few offensive weapons capable of lighting the world on fire. Dallas has more, and I'm not seeing how the Lakers can defend the offensive trio of Dirk, Monta Ellis, and Calderon. The open shots have been there this season, and against the Lakers they will be again.

Check back later today as we talk with Laker's blog Silver Screen and Roll

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