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Dallas trades for ATL's Anthony Morrow

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? See this is why having a closed front office is awesome and maddening. No idea this was happening. Dallas gets Anthony Morrow from Atlanta.

Dahntay Jones was a solid player for the Mavericks. He did was he was asked and always played his hardest. Now I have no idea where Morrow fits, but I do know he's good shooter. Vince Carter, O.J. Mayo and Dirk Nowitzki are the only Mavs with deep range, so this could be a welcome addition if he gets minutes.

Why didn't Atlanta want him anymore? Simple.

I'm sure the good people here at MMB will have some in depth analysis later today or this week. This made me chuckle.

Dallas did something. Wow. Awesome.

UPDATE 3:23 pm. Looks like he is excited! That's always fun


Redick to Bucks, Udrih to ORL, Smith staying put

Look at that! The clock strikes three pm and things get nuts. Who'da thunk it?

But that's not the most interesting thing...

I honestly have no idea what this means. I was sure Josh Smith was going somewhere, and because of how trades are reported he still might be. But that's looking increasingly unlikely.

Here's what the Magic got in return.

That's quote a haul. And it also means Dallas is not getting Beno Udrih. Yay Mike James!

UPDATE 3:15 pm Seems the Redick trade was for more than just him.



Blazers likely to get OKC guard Eric Maynor

With a little under 10 minutes until the official close of trades (everything has to be in by 3 pm eastern unless a team gets approval from the league office due to negotiations) it seems we finally have a really interesting trade.

Maynor has fallen out of the rotation in Oklahoma City after tearing his ACL last year and struggling upon his return. Had Reggie Jackson not emerged I imagine that no discussion would be happening. But the Thunder are rich in talent and Mayor is the kind of player who should be getting minutes. He's not a starter, but he's certainly among the best back ups in the league. Certainly better than this guy...

I'll update when I find out more about the trade, if it goes through.

Update 2:55pm: Well that was fast.

Update: 2:57 It seems OKC is getting a draft pick and a trade exception. Seems light for a player of his value.



Update on potential Beno Udrih to Dallas deal

Finally, something relevant to your specific Maverick-based interests. Marc Stein reports

It all goes back to Josh Smith. All of this trade deadline stuff does. Everything else reported is peanuts and mostly to keep everyone entertained. As I've thought about it, I like the deal. Granted, I'd rather they give up Chris Kaman, but Rodrigue Beaubois and Dantay Jones aren't seeing consistent time with the Mavericks at the moment and both have expiring deals. It works.

Rick Carlisle has moved away from Roddy as a consistent option and Beno Udrih would give him a veteran that is much, much, much better than Mike James.

Finally, this tweet really hurts, but man is it true.



Bassy and Haddadi, they like to party

Well this is getting exciting.

Two sources confirming same rumor. Looks like it's a go.

My reaction wasn't quite as good as these

I do so love it when people have the same thought at the same time. This is the second time this season Iranian center Hamad Haddadi has been moved, as he started the season in Memphis. Again, if we're being honest, this is another boring trade. Haddadi jokes are welcome though.


Crawford to Boston, Pittman to Memphis

Jason Terry and Jordan Crawford will have ALL OF THE PUJITs (Pull up jumper in transition). This feels preordained. David Aldridge tweets

Update! So Boston sends an injured player on an expiring contract to Washington. Seems cruel. But this is a business.

Also, it seems Dexter Pittman of Miami (and former Longhorn) is headed to Memphis according to Marc Spears

I assume we should be excited because this is the second trade of the trade deadline. The flood gates are now open. Everyone get your pop corn ready.

UPDATE 3:18pm This makes a tiny bit more sense.


In fact, Dallas is not interested in Crawford

Tim MacMahon just tweeted that this rumor is nothing more than a rumor.

Thank the basketball gods. I'd be interesting in seeing how this rumor got to the USA Today, because it doesn't make sense from any perspective for Dallas. I can see why the Wizards want to get rid of STEEZ, but other than that it feels like a ploy to get the Celtics to give up more than FAT MELO, er, FAB MELO.

Let's just put this one to bed then. Unless it happens at 2:59 pm. Then expect a twitter outburst from me.

Just an hour and twenty minutes left!


Dallas interested in Jordan Crawford?

This isn't funny. This had better not be real. Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today Reports

I live in Washington, DC and have had the displeasure of watching Mr. Crawford. If Dallas is aiming to have a back court filled with players who have no idea how to actually play team basketball, this is really a step in the right direction. He's owed $2.16 million next year. He's inefficient. He doesn't fit.

It's just a rumor, but has been confirmed by someone, some where, which is why Zillget reported on it. This makes me very uncomfortable.


Evans to the Celtics?

This is actually a big rumor, and important. Tyreke Evans has been "off the block" since trade season began. However, Mark Stein is reporting differently.

How Evans fits in a basketball system has been an on going question, but his talent and skill level have always been apparent. Yesterday on Grantland, Zach Lowe published an interview with Keith Smart, where Smart discusses how Evans is learning things this season that he was never shown until recently. Smart seems to firmly believe the production trajectory for Evans is curbing upward, though how sharply is the important question.

This is one to keep an eye on.


Three Dallas players are on the block

I somehow missed this last night (well I know how I missed it, I was writing a recap for another site then went to bed but whatever), but apparently Rodrigue Beabois, Brandan Wright, and Dominique Jones available for trade.

They want picks back. Stop laughing. Stop! Okay, keep laughing. "Please give us valuable assets for this stuff we found in the garage."

Alright, alright, that's not fair to any of them. I like Roddy, I like Wright when he boxes out on the defensive end, and I appreciate the professionalism of Dom Jones, even if he's not good at basketball. I don't really understand what the Mavericks hope to get done with these guys? Wright is the most valuable of the three but his contract is so small it really doesn't make sense to me to trade him right now. If anything, they should try to do a sign and trade with him over the summer and he's bound to attract some attention. Heck, Ian Mahinmi got a great deal this way and Dallas got back Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones.

Can you think of any trades that would actually work with these guys?


Waiting on the Dominoes to Fall

As of my typing this sentence, it's 10:30 am eastern. The problem we're seeing at the moment, with regard to trades, is that everyone seems to be waiting on someone else.

The main cog holding everything up is Josh Smith, the "big fish" at the moment. Once we see him moved, and I expect we will by around 1:30pm eastern, everything else will happen in a hurry. It will get a little silly, I suspect. As of right now, the Bucks seem confident that things are going to go their way

But wait, it gets better. Not only do the Bucks seem to think they are going to land Redick and Josh Smith, but

If you can move past the fact that that is the third time in as many days that Broussard has misspelled Monta's name (#Monte) it seems the Bucks feel really excited about putting together a team that's going to lose to Miami or Indiana.

For now though... we wait. Updates to come!


Dallas Interested in Beno Udrih?

Mark Stein just tweeted out an interesting bit of news

In other words, we aren't going to see any movement on this front until at least 2pm eastern. This is the first I'm hearing about any interest in Dallas for Udrih, but he'd be an interesting upgrade off the bench. Though he's currently listed as a shooting guard on the Bucks roster, he's spent most of his career as a point guard. With respect to Mike James and Roddy Beaubois, he's a better player. Take a look at his career numbers here.

Let's wait and see on this one. Given the situation surrounding Josh Smith it's very likely no deal ever emerges.


Trade Deadline Thursday with Mavs Moneyball

Join the MMB staff as talk trade deadline, providing news and analysis as things happen

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