All-Time best mavericks draft picks

First off, heartbreaking loss tonight. Dirk got his first 20/20 game in who know how long (ever???)

Anyway...with nothing else to do tonight, I decided too look up all of the players the Mavericks have ever drafted. I narrowed the list down to those that played 200 NBA career games and then to those that played AT LEAST 100 games as a Maverick.There are 23 total players that meet this criteria (if I missed somebody, let me know and I'll see where they fit)

In compiling the rankings I looked at where they were drafted (bonus for those drafted LATER seeing as how that's value pick), NBA games played, Mavs games played, career PPG, career APG, career RPG and Playoff games as a Maverick.

  1. Derek Harper 1983 11th pick overall
  2. Roland Blackman 1981 9th pick overall
  3. Jason Kidd 1994 2nd pick overall
  4. Josh Howard 2003 29th pick overall
  5. Mark Aguire 1981 1st pick overall
  6. Sam Perkins 1984 4th pick overall
  7. Greg Buckner 1998 53rd pick overall
  8. Detlef Schrempf 1985 8th pick overall
  9. Jay Vincent 1981 24th pick overall
  10. Dale Ellis 1983 9th pick overall
  11. Elston Turner 1981 43rd pick overall
  12. Lucious Harris 1993 28th pick overall
  13. Sean Rooks 1992 30th pick overall
  14. Bill Wennington 1985 16th pick overall
  15. Jim Jackson 1993 4th pick overall
  16. Roy Tarpley 1986 7th overall
  17. Jamal Mashburn 1993 4th overall
  18. Donald Hodge 1991 33rd overall
  19. Randy White 1989 8th overall
  20. Doug Smith 1991 6th overall
  21. Samaki Walker 1996 9th overall
  22. Uwe Blab 1985 17th overall
  23. Bill Garnett 1982 4th overall

No, this does not indicate that Derek Harper had a better career (or was a better player) than Jason Kidd. Or that Josh Howard is better than Mark Aguirre. Remember that premiums are given to games played as a Mav as well as career games and playoff games to go with the Pts/Reb/Ast stats.

If Roy Tarpley weren't a screw up, those late 80s Mavs teams could have....

This should show that the Mavs need somebody that can scout college ball players. Notice that the youngest player here is JOSH HOWARD. And next youngest is Jay Vincent!

And Kidd is the only Hall of Famer in the list (though Aguirre is possibly borderline)

I'll do one in a bit that will likely be just as eye opening, best Maverick free agent signings...

Reader Submitted

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