Summer League Update: Khalif Wyatt, Christian Watford, others to join Mavs in Vegas

Mike Stobe

Summer League is just weeks away and the Mavericks appear to be working hard to fill out their roster.

The Las Vegas Summer League starts Friday, July 12th. Be sure to check out for all the details, but here is the schedule:

Friday July 12

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. New Orleans (Game 1)
3 PM -- Atlanta vs. LA Clippers (Game 2)
5 PM -- Cleveland vs. LA Lakers (Game 3)
7 PM -- Charlotte vs. San Antonio (Game 4)

Saturday July 13

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Golden State vs. Washington (Game 5)
3 PM -- Sacramento vs. Dallas (Game 6)
5 PM -- Chicago vs. Memphis (Game 8)
7 PM -- Denver vs. Milwaukee (Game 10)

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Minnesota vs. NBA D-League (Game 7)
5:30 PM -- Phoenix vs. Portland (Game 9)
7:30 PM -- Miami vs. Toronto (Game 11)

Sunday July 14

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Washington (Game 12)
3 PM -- Charlotte vs. Dallas (Game 14)
5 PM -- Cleveland vs. Memphis (Game 16)
7 PM -- Atlanta vs. Miami (Game 18)

Thomas & Mack
1:30 PM -- LA Clippers vs. NBA D-League (Game 13)
3:30 PM -- LA Lakers vs. Portland (Game 15)
5:30 PM -- New Orleans vs. Milwaukee (Game 17)
7:30 PM -- San Antonio vs. Toronto (Game 19)

Monday July 15

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Charlotte (Game 20)
3 PM -- Cleveland vs. New Orleans (Game 21)
5 PM -- LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers (Game 23)
7 PM -- San Antonio vs. Atlanta (Game 25)

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Minnesota vs. Phoenix (Game 22)
5:30 PM -- Sacramento vs. Golden State (Game 24)
7:30 PM -- Chicago vs. Denver (Game 26)

Tuesday July 16

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Minnesota vs. Miami (Game 27)
3 PM -- Sacramento vs. Toronto (Game 28)
5 PM -- Chicago vs. Portland (Game 30)
7 PM -- Denver vs. Washington (Game 32)

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Golden State vs. Milwaukee (Game 29)
5:30 PM -- Phoenix vs. Memphis (Game 31)
7:30 PM -- Dallas vs. NBA D-League (Game 33)

Wednesday July 17

COX Pavilion
3 PM -- #11 Seed vs. #22 Seed (Game 34)
5 PM -- #13 Seed vs. #20 Seed (Game 36)
7 PM -- #15 Seed vs. #18 Seed (Game 38)

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- #12 Seed vs. #21 Seed (Game 35)
5:30 PM -- #14 Seed vs. #19 Seed (Game 37)
7:30 PM -- #16 Seed vs. #17 Seed (Game 39)

Thursday July 18

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- #7 Seed vs. #10 Seed (Game 40)
3 PM -- #6 Seed vs. Winner of Game 34 (Game 42)
5 PM -- #4 Seed vs. Winner of Game 36 (Game 44)
7 PM -- #2 Seed vs. Winner of Game 38 (Game 46)

Thomas & Mack
1:30 PM - #8 Seed vs. #9 Seed (Game 41)
3:30 PM -- #5 Seed vs. Winner of Game 35 (Game 43)
5:30 PM -- #3 Seed vs. Winner of Game 37 (Game 45)
7:30 PM -- #1 Seed vs. Winner of Game 39 (Game 47)

Friday July 19

COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Game 34 Loser vs. Game 35 Loser (Game 48)
3 PM -- Game 36 Loser vs. Game 37 Loser (Game 49)
5 PM -- Game 40 Loser vs. Game 41 Loser (Game 50)
7 PM -- Game 44 Loser vs. Game 45 Loser (Game 51)

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Game 38 Loser vs. Game 39 Loser (Game 52)
5:30 PM -- Game 42 Loser vs. Game 43 Loser (Game 53)
7:30 PM -- Game 46 Loser vs. Game 47 Loser (Game 54)

Saturday July 20

Thomas & Mack
1 PM -- Game 40 Winner vs. Game 46 Winner (Game 55)
3 PM -- Game 42 Winner vs. Game 45 Winner (Game 56)
5 PM -- Game 41 Winner vs. Game 47 Winner (Game 57)
7 PM -- Game 43 Winner vs. Game 44 Winner (Game 58)

Sunday July 21

Thomas & Mack
3 PM -- Game 55 Winner vs. Game 56 Winner (Game 59)
5 PM -- Game 57 Winner vs. Game 58 Winner (Game 60)

Monday July 22

Thomas & Mack
6 PM -- Game 59 Winner vs. Game 60 Winner (Game 61)

Dallas has already started to fill out their summer league roster. As mentioned here, Shane Larkin and Ricky Ledo are expected to be in action, and they may be joined by Temple guard Khalif Wyatt:

Wyatt just wrapped up his senior season with the Owls, where he won Atlantic 10 Player of the Year. The 6'4 off guard is described as an old-school type of player, who shoots well and uses craftiness and guile to score. Given his ball skills, I am curious if an attempt will be made to try him at the point, though the Sixers may be more likely to consider that than Dallas.

Joining Khalif may be another accomplished undrafted senior prospect, Indiana's Christian Watford:

Watford is a pretty intriguing guy. The 6'9 forward played mainly at the 4 with the Hoosiers. I had thought, along with others, that he was capable of making the move to the small forward spot, but doubt over that has clearly driven his draft stock down. Watford has one very obvious skill: he can spot up and drill it. Converting a white hot 48% of his threes last year, Watford might be able to be a smallball four on the right team, if he can put on weight, but ideally he just stays on the perimeter, where his size and rebounding become assets rather than detriments. I'll be looking to see just how athletic he is.

Oh, speaking of athletes, here's the best one in college basketball:

Now, I'm hearing some conflicting stuff on this, so stay tuned for updates, but I really hope D.J. can make it to Vegas with Dallas. He, of the reported 46 inch vertical(!), is a stathead favorite known for outrageous dunks and a raw offensive game. I'll admit, I've only seen him play a few times(he was a 20 minute a night guy for Memphis), but his rate stats are great.

For a 6'5 1/2 guy, his rebound and block rates are absolutely disgusting, and he also got a good share of steals. With a 7'0 wingspan, the aforementioned vertical, and great speed, I think Stephens could easily be a defensive specialist at the next level. His offensive game is still raw, but improving. He shot a respectable 36% from three(he took about one a game), and 66% from the line. Shooting clearly isn't his strong suit, but that's not awful. He also had a respectable assist/turnover ratio for someone who rarely had plays run for him. Long story short: I love him.

And while we're talking about Smithee-favorites, I'll give the predictable Nick Calathes(or, as Kirk rightly calls him, Nick CATHARSIS) update:

Not a lot to go on, but after hearing about Nick the Greek's recent visit to Dallas, I'll take it as a good sign that the talk on the former Mav 2nd round pick going to Vegas hasn't subsided. I am unsure of what Shane Larkin's presence means for his future, though with Nick's size, and breadth of skills, it isn't impossible to imagine a summer league backcourt with both Mavs picks on the floor. It is pretty hard to imagine Dallas heading into next year with two rookie point guards, but with the position so wide open, Dallas has no excuse for not exploring any and all options.

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