Cuban and Nelson needed to play their opponents rather than their cards.

I'm assuming being fun loving billionaire during the poker boom that Mark Cuban has played a lot of poker. Being as competitive as he is I would assume he has even gotten quite good at poker.

This makes the teams payroll personal decisions over the last 3 offseasons make a lot less sense. In poker one of the first things you learn is to play your opponents rather than the cards you have. The Mavs FO strategy made sense on paper. All of us stat geeks and economics majors and people with a lot of common sense would have bought it.

One problem - they aren't playing against or selling to us.

They are playing against a group of owners so financially stupid that they need all these CBA rules just to protect themselves from themselves. They are trying to convince players of which 75% are bankrupt within 5 years of retirement. We live in America where people buy and buy things they don't need and go into debt so much that we completely destroyed our economy. Heck, guys with PHDs and 30 years experience can't get a job at McDonald's right now.

The Mavs FO wouldn't have believed you if you told them that GS would be able to trade RJ and Beindrens contracts to the Jazz to relieve cap space in the Summer of 2013. They wouldn't have believed you if you told them that somebody actually picked up Joe Johnson's contract or that a worthless 31 year old SF with 3 years and 30 mil left on his contract would be traded for Pierce, KG and JET!

Mavs FO read the rules correctly, they interpreted them beautifully, they had a great plan on paper but they did not remember they were playing against morons. And then you watch this video and it all makes sense.

Cuban doesn't play poker!!!!!???????

That whole "I'm more of a black jack guy 'cause I don't have patience" makes so much sense. Cuban has been playing black jack with our roster. Black Jack has strict rules, your opponent can't be creative, he can't be stupid. Your opponent always does what's best for the house. In poker some moron can sit down and as you "play by the book" and do everything right he can rob you blind. I remember playing in a poker tournament once - as I missed a flush I bet really strong knowing my opponent didn't have much. He called me down with a pair of 3's. Another guy at the table said "Wow. Was that a great call or.... something else" Later we realized it was something else. Eventually I realized how to play this guy and he turned into my ATM for a while. The Mavs FO never made the adjustment. They didn't realize that their opponent was just going to keep calling them down with crap. They didn't realize that Deron Williams wouldn't appreciate how bad Joe Johnson's contract was or that the Nets were in cap hell. But Maybe Deron Williams knew it didn't matter. Maybe he was smarter. Dwight DEFINITELY made the right choice by not going to Dallas (personally I would have gone to GS).

Hopefully now the Mavs FO will make the adjustment and take advantage of other GM's. Hopefully we will find a way to take advantage of teams trying to clear space for Lebron and Melo next summer as we realize that pipe dream isn't worth the crappy seasons it costs just to get stood up. Hopefully Cuban will take up Texas Hold em and learn some very valuable competition/strategy concepts from it.

Go Mavs.

Reader Submitted

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