NBA Schedule Released; Mavs Open Season at Home on October 30

Ronald Martinez

The Dallas Mavericks' 2013-14 schedule is available for your dissecting pleasure! They'll open against the Hawks on October 30 followed by a road opener against the Rockets on November 1.

The NBA released its regular season schedule just a little bit ago. You can find the Mavericks schedule here.

Some quick thoughts as we dig in...

At a Glance:

Season/Home Opener: October 30 vs. Atlanta Hawks

First Road Game: November 1 at Houston Rockets

Nationally televised games: 14 (3 on TNT, 5 on ESPN, 6 on NBATV)

Some dates to circle on your calendar:

I focused on the first home match-up for all but one of these; check out the full schedule for more dates.

at Houston (November 1); vs. Houston (November 20)

The Mavs didn't get Dwight, and now that he's with a division rival, they get to play against him a bunch! The Rockets already matched up fairly well against the Mavs this past season, and it will certainly be interesting to see how much impact Dwight has right out of the gate playing alongside James Harden. But, you know, the Mavs have Samuel Dalembert now, so I'm not worried at ALL.

vs. Los Angeles Lakers (November 5)

With Kobe Bryant reportedly far ahead with rehab on his torn ACL suffered at the end of last season, it will be interesting to see if he's available for this early-season game. But hey, Kobe or not, Chris Kaman back you guys!

vs. San Antonio Spurs (December 26)

Oh, the Spurs are still a team the Mavs have to play a bunch. Yeah, okay. I mean, I know they went to the Finals and all, but they're not supposed to be good this year...are they?

vs. Los Angeles Clippers (January 3)

The Mavs beating the Clippers towards the end of last season might have been my favorite moment of the past season. I'm sure Chris Paul will have something to say about that in the form of this year's rematch.

vs. Miami Heat (February 18)

The Mavs are still the only team in between the Heat and three straight championships, thankyouverymuch. In all seriousness, I usually enjoy this matchup. Dirk and LeBron are just both so good at basketball.

vs. Brooklyn Nets (March 23)

Last year it was just the game where we all angrily stared Deron Williams down (okay, I did. Don't know 'bout the rest of y'all). This year, there are going to be a couple more familiar faces on the Nets bench, including Head Coach(!) Jason Kidd and the beloved Jason Terry. Man, it's going to be hard for me to root for JET on the Nets. But I guess I'll do it.

We'll have thoughts from the rest of the staff coming up shortly. Add your thoughts below!

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