Trade Idea

The basics:

Dallas gets: Mbah a Moute, Luke Ridnour, Larry Sanders, Gorgui Dieng

Minnesota gets: Samuel Dalembert, Gary Neal

Milwaukee gets: Shawn Marion, Wayne Ellington, DeJuan Blair, Shane Larkin, 2 of Minnesota's 2nd rd picks

The trade isn't possible until tomorrow when Mbah a Moute's trade restriction expires. Milwaukee is obviously giving up the most talent here in Larry Sanders but he is a huge risk. There are rumors that they are trying to move him because of his attitude (having injured himself in a club brawl) and his sizable contract (11m per year for the next 4 years kicking in next year). Moving him would free up a lot of cap space for the worst team in basketball. Marion would give Antetokounmpo a great mentor for at least a year. The Bucks also get rid of a disgruntled Gary Neal in the deal, pick up a few young guys on good contracts in Larkin, Ellington, and Blair, and get a couple picks in this year's draft. It is not a great return for a starting NBA center but it is a decent haul for a possibly overpaid, troublesome center on a team that should be looking to start fresh.

The Wolves give up little used Mbah a Moute and unused recent draft pick Gorgui Dieng. They need to win now in order to convince Love to stay so another year of missed playoffs is not really an option. The extremely mediocre Ronny Turiaf is their backup center so they could definitely use an upgrade there. And while they are already one of the best rebounding teams, their defense is as bad as Dallas's and they are 22nd in the league at 3pt so some rim protection (Dalembert) and 3pt shooting (Neal, .399 career 3pt shooter) would definitely put them in the playoff hunt. They also have 2 extra 2nd round picks this year so it is a small sacrifice to make for a playoff run and to possibly convince Love to stay.

For Dallas, this is all about defense and rebounding. They would certainly have to do their due diligence on Larry Sanders cause they would lose 11m in cap space in 2014 but they could gain their defensive, rebounding machine for the future. In addition to Sanders, they take on Marion-mini in Mbah a Moute who is a better PF sub than Marion but has none of Marion's new found range, an experienced backup PG in Ridnour, and possible backup C in Dieng. Giving up Marion is tough but in this trade, Dallas gets 3 guys that can all rebound and defend better than all of the other guys that are getting shipped out. Mbah a Moute can help our perimeter defense, the other 2 PF/Cs would help our interior defense, and Ridnour would help steady our backcourt and reduce Monte's minutes. Obviously we give up some points (Marion 11.3, Blair 7.8) but scoring is not this team's problem (10th in points, 29th in rebounding, 23rd in defense). Sanders, Mbah a Moute, and Dieng would allow us to play Wright more without worrying as much about rebounding or rim protection and we still retain decent cap space next year with Larkin, Ellington, and Dalembert's 2014 salaries off the books.

What do yall think?

Reader Submitted

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