VIDEO QUOTEBOARD: "He's a game changer"

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavs kicked off their homestand the right way, and everyone had nice things to say about Devin Harris.

Devin Harris may have had his coming out party last night. Playing the most minutes he has thus far, he kept Shane Larkin on the bench, played hard and definitely made a difference in a hard-fought win (aren't they all this season?) against Detroit.

Read/watch below as the team heaps praise on his play...and for Dirk's comments about his own possible selection to the upcoming All-Star Game.

Rick Carlisle

On if this game was indicative of what Devin Harris brings...

Yes, he's been going better and better each game. He's obviously worked extremely hard, he's getting more rhythm and more feel, and shots are going in now. He just made plays. On a night when Monta [Ellis] just couldn't get it going it was a Godsend to have a guy like Devin available. He's an experienced NBA player who has really done everything. He's been a starter, he's been an off the bench guy, he's been a scorer and he's been a guy who's had to be a top defender on his team. And he's smart, he knows what we need. He knows we need hardnosed play, penetration and we need defense.

On if this is about the max range for Devin's minutes per game...

[Head athletic trainer] Casey [Smith] has been telling me to not be concerned about the minutes. I've been looking to see just how he is fatigue wise. Generally speaking, he's a guy that is in pretty good shape naturally because he takes care of himself and he's just one of those guys that has a lot of natural energy and stamina. I just want to make sure that I don't play him in stretches that are beyond exhaustion. Like tonight, it would have been easy to play him 15 straight minutes but that is getting into some dangerous territory there.

On how efficient Dirk Nowitzki was tonight...

28 points in 32 minutes, you think he's an all-star?

We moved the ball better. The one play we ran for him to start the game, he happened to miss the shot, and then made four or five in a row. But guys know to look for him. He's been driving the ball better which gets him to the free throw line a little more and things like that. Look, every night we have to have everybody ready to step up. Dirk is not going to get 28 every night. Sometimes Monta is going to have a night like tonight and the good news there is that we were able to give him a low minute night, which he really hasn't had all year. So, now we have a couple of days to gather ourselves and we have to get ready for another tough opponent on Wednesday.

Devin Harris

Jose Calderon

On the win after a rough stretch...

We knew it was a tough road trip for's always good to take care of home, we knew it was going to be tough, but I think it's the most complete game we've played of the last three.

On Devin Harris...

Well he's great. He's going to help us a lot - we knew that, we were expecting that. He can play alone out there, with me, with Monta, just mixing with the three of us out's a nice combo. He played great, we knew it was coming, he's doing better every day, and hopefully we can keep it that way.

Shawn Marion

The first game off a road trip is usually the hardest to get, but we were able to get it tonight...It's a great team win. It was a little chaotic at times but we were able to buckle down and get some big stops and make a run when we needed to.

On Devin...

Just him getting his legs under him, getting into his flow, he's going to bring a different aspect to this team. We definitely need him. He's a veteran, savvy guard in this league who knows how to win, and he's definitely going to fit in very well.

Vince Carter

On the win...

You want to protect home. I thought we played decent basketball at times, but there's an opportunity for us to make up for the rough three game road trip. We've played some pretty good basketball, we just haven't closed games out, and this was a great opportunity to kick off our home stand the right way.

On Devin...

His progression the last couple games has been great. He's excited to get back, get that adrenaline going, you can burn all your gas in the first quarter sometimes. And we talk a lot - we're former teammates - so I knew him coming out there was going to help our team...I think he's settling in now, getting his legs, and is kind of can do all the running on the treadmill and the court but there's nothing like getting in shape once you're out there.

Dirk Nowitzki

On the win in a tough Western Conference...

We haven't really put a nice win streak together to get a little separation. It's getting tighter and tighter behind us, Memphis is playing really well now, and Denver, so we need this homestand to really get some momentum again and get some wins together. So definitely a good way to start but the game wasn't great...We just didn't come out in the third quarter the way we should have.

On how he adjusted after a rough couple games...

Had some good shots. I watched a little film with what happened in Cleveland and Brooklyn I still thought I had some shots that were there, just never really had a good rhythm on this some shots in this morning, got some rest yesterday, and just stepped in my shots when they were there...and usually what happens is you make a couple shots, your confidence goes up, and you start making more.

On Devin...

He's been great, he's a game changer for us on both ends of the floor. He quickly elevates himself as one of our best perimeter defenders. He's tough in there, he's tough in the post, he takes charges for us. On offense, it's just fun to see another guy with's great to have him back, that's for sure.

On a tough fight to the playoffs...

I've said it all along, it's all going to come down to the last couple games. It always has in the West, especially down the stretch. As bad as a season we had last year, with a week left in the season we still had a shot to make the playoffs. So just gotta keep working, keep improving, and hopefully finish strong before the All Star Game.

On his possible selection to the ASG...

Obviously it always means something to be among the best 12, 13 players in the West. It's always been an honor, and I always had fun going there and representing the Mavericks the right way. But I did have some fun at the beach last year...I think either way I'll be happy to go and represent the Mavericks, and if not, then I'll find something else to do.

Whether he deserves to go to the ASG...

Yeah, I think this year definitely more [as opposed to the past two years]...this year I'm right up there. We understand there are always some guys who deserve to go and don't make it. That's just the nature of the game. The power forward spot in the West has always been loaded. There's always going to be someone who feels like they've been snubbed, but that's just part of the game.

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