Trade That Puts Mavs Into Title Contendership For Next Two Years

Hey guys, Bulls fan here. I dropped by your game thread the other night when your guys killed us. So why am I here posting a fanpost on Mavs Moneyball? Well, 1) I'm not just a Bulls fan, but an NBA fan, and 2) I love Dirk, but then again who doesn't?

When I was on the game thread, I suggested something you guys probably already knew...that the Mavs were one defensive anchor away from being title contenders again. I'll be honest, I hated it when Cuban blew up your title team team. Don't get me wrong, I understood why he did it (to be in position to sign one if not both Dwill and Dwight), but I just thought it was a huge risk especially when you guys already won with that group and could have contended the following year with Chandler and Barea (Stephenson and Butler, ehh). But fine, what's done is done and we'll leave the past in the past...right?!?!

When I brought up trading for Asik or some other defensive Center, you guys said you didn't really have any assets. So I've been searching around the league to see what Center you guys COULD get with the limited assets you guys have. This is what I think you guys could do and would make yourselves title contenders this year and possibly the next.

The Trade

Marion+Calderon+Wright+Carter+Dalembert+Lottery Protected Future 1st ($27.3mil)


Chandler+Bargnani+Felton+Metta ($32.2mil)

(*Can't make this trade right now because Wright has a Jan. 15 trade restriction)

Why NY Knicks does this?

It's pretty safe to say the Knicks are garbage. They need to make the playoffs because 1) they don't have their pick (DEN has it via Melo trade), and 2) they need to keep Melo happy so he'll resign (best way is to make the playoffs). This trade gives them two centers that would replace Tysons defense+energy. Calderon will upgrade the PG play immediately. Marion will provide defense and veteran leadership. Carter will provide bench help as well as name recognition. And the Knicks will actually be the ones receiving a draft pick in a trade...How can they say no?

C. Wright (Dalembert)
PF. Melo (Amare, Kmart)
SF. Marion (Hardaway, Carter)
SG. Shump (JR)
PG. Calderon (Prigioni, Udrih)

Why DAL Mavs does this?

Bargnani, Felton, and Metta are small 'bad contract' prices to pay to get back that defensive anchor when you won the title. Felton is a solid PG when not fat, and he's making a non-expensive $3.8mil for a couple more years. Chandler and Bargnani will expire after next season, which allows the Mavs to contend the next two seasons while Dirk is still productive. Metta can somewhat replace Marion's defensive abilities at less than $2mil. And while you give up a draft pick, it's a lottery protected 1st (2016 or later), and that should be a small enough asset to give up if it makes you title contenders for the next two years.

C. Chandler (Bargnani)
PF. Dirk (Blair)
SF. Crowder (Metta)
SG. Monta (Ellington)
PG. Larkin (Felton, Harris)

(*I've always felt Bargnani was a poor man's Dirk, so Barg+Blair inside out pairing should effectively work at a lesser rate to that of the Dirk+Chandler pairing)

Reader Submitted

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