VIDEO QUOTEBOARD: The Mavericks change their story with win over Trail Blazers

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Postgame at American Airlines Center, Carlisle, Dirk & Co. talk about the wild and crazy ride that was last night's win.

Well, well, well. In what was possibly the craziest game of the season, the Mavericks did what everyone expected them to do -- until they didn't. The seemingly improbable 30 point lead, the inevitable comeback by Portland...we've seen that story before with this Mavs team.

But what we haven't seen enough is the Mavericks make their own comeback. Down seven, after being up 30, with the game on the line, the Mavericks made a stop. Then they scored. Then they made another stop. And so on.

And they won. And this is how it's going to be the rest of the season, kids. The team has to re-focus on tomorrow's game, but for now, we fans can celebrate with some quotes and video below.

Rick Carlisle

To the media before questions: "Did you guys have enough time to change your stories?" [laughter]

On what he learned about the team...

It was great. You look at the box score and we had one bad quarter, really, it was a horrible third quarter. And they got going. And give them credit, they hung in, they kept fighting and making plays, and it didn't look good. I think we had nine stops in a row to end the game, which shows what we're capable of.

On winning an important game...

It's that close. You're either feeling great about it or it's a tough night, and this is how it's going to be the next 19 games. They're all gonna be hard like this.

On competing...

The first quarter, you're not going to have a better first quarter in this league. But there's a lot of adrenaline and you can't sustain that. Not against a quality team like Portland. And so when we got into a lull, we were still able to keep playing pretty well...the third quarter, that's the one you have to eliminate, and somehow, you just have to ignore the score and keep playing. And when you're down seven with three and a half minutes to go, we have to ignore the score and keep playing. That's what it comes down to. One stop, and one offensive opportunity. Then one stop...that's how you have to look at it. It's going to be a character test, and it's going to test our resolve, the next 19 games. But that's good. If we're not up to it, we don't deserve to go to the playoffs.

On blowing the 30 point lead...

We've been blowing leads all year. Ask me something that hasn't been happening, you know. Look, we've blown a lot of big leads. And so, this is one of the realities that we face with this team, and we're going to keep working to prevent it from happening next time. That's all we can do. I many whatever point leads have we blown this year? There's been a s**thouse full of them. Tons of them. [To his daughter] Abby, you didn't hear that. And look, with 19 games left, we've got to work to prevent it. Because tonight, if you talk about doing it the hard way, there's no harder way to do it than what happened tonight.

On Monta and Devin at the end of the game...

Monta played great defense. Harris's penetration when we were in the bonus got us back on track, Dirk wasn't getting the whistles and it looked like he was getting beat up a lot, but sometimes you don't get the whistles, and then you have to find ways to get stops and keep attacking. And Harris' three point play was as huge a play as we've had all year.

On why Harris (vs. Calderon) to close games...

Penetration ability, defense.

On whether this game gives them confidence going forward...

I'm not big into analysis. We gotta go quarter to quarter, and we gotta go whistle to whistle with this whole thing. If we could go beyond that and start looking into the future, we'll get in our own way...and we know we have a lot of good teams to play.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk talks about fighting for each other, a great first quarter, losing the lead, a grind-it-out fourth, the "Get Out of the Way" play and Indiana coming up:

Devin Harris

On his play at the end...

Just a quality game. It was a shot we needed at the time, and Dirk was well enough away to see me in the corner and I was able to get one to go. Like I said, it's tough with the lead we gave up, but definitely like the fight we had in the fourth quarter.

On the "Get Out of the Way" play...

That's pretty much what we call it. Just put everyone on the left side of the floor and pretty much just get the hell out of the way. It worked for us tonight.

On having his number called at the end...

It's been great. Obviously I've been struggling the last couple of games, but it's good to get some play calls and be able to be aggressive in that situation.

On the team's resolve...

Guys just kept fighting, we just wanted to hang in there. Obviously they made a run in those middle quarters, and we didn't want to give up. We knew we still had a chance to win the game and guys just kept fighting to the end.

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