Possible New Faces and Roles for the Dallas Mavericks 2014 – 2015 season By: Caleb Phillips 13 years old

By: Caleb Phillips 13 years old

With the playoffs quickly approaching and the Dallas Mavericks vying for the seventh or eighth seed surely to be bounced out of the first round if they even make the play offs again which is entirely possible as well.

Was the 2013 -2014 season been an entire waste or non productive? They definitely over achieved this year.

Here are some things we know that was a definite improvement from the 2012 – 2013 season.

- Shawn Marion is still a premiere defender
- Vince Carter is still a great roll player but no sixth man of the year type player.
- Dalembert is a back up center
- The point guard tandem of Calderon and Harris works but could it be better?
- Dirk can still play at a high level
- Monta Ellis is a legit two guard who can defend as well as score at a high level and it is imperative the Dallas front office look to build on that
- Brandon Wright looks good offensively playing out of position at center but hes a liability at the rim, wonder if that would change if he played his true position at Power Forward I still think he’s an incredible athlete and still young.
- The bench really isn’t that deep.

What have the Mavs learned from past free agent seasons? Well hopefully this. " The Big Fish" aren’t coming here as proven with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams so really why bother the pursuit of such names as Melo and Lebron they aren’t coming instead I would insist the Mavs look at another strategy rather than pursuing the "dream team" philosophy. Maybe take some notes from the Spurs, OKC, and you could even throw Chicago in that mix.

With somewhere in the ball park of 28mil -32mil to spend depending on the pay cut Dirk takes which won’t be the vet minimum I can almost assure you that, but I could see The Big German playing for 8 mil a year which would be a real nice help to the Mavs next season oh and hey by the way Dirk how do you feel about only playing 55- 60 games this season like Duncan does down in San Antonio so you really don’t have to put the wear and tear on your body playing the like of the Raptors and Sixers type teams .

So who should and who will the Mavs keep?

Dirks not going anywhere and either should Monta. Everybody else on the roster well lets just they definitely aren’t safe and anything could happen and it could play out several different ways. But this is how I think it would work best.

Definitely need to sure up the center position, with more of a consistent center the Mavs had interest in Marcin Gortat a few years ago and he's decent defensively and offensively at 29 years old he's still relatively young he's also an unrestricted free agent playing on a bad team. Spencer Hawes is more of a true center standing over seven ft tall, he's also younger at 25 years old a lot of room to develop how ever a possible defensive liability. If the Mavs signed Hawes you'd probably get a similar yet better tandem when you had Raef LaFrentz here years back with Dirk, which was really a match up nightmare.
Dalambert is cheap and a true back up center and would be a solid back up behind either of these 2 centers of the Mavs decided to sign either of those guys.

Small forward there is no doubt Marion is still a heck of a player defensively how ever he's old and will just get older and slower. So Luol Deng seems like a really good fit here in Dallas and we know Dallas likes him. The problem is would Shawn Marion like playing behind him, it's doubtful Deng is 5 years younger and is more productive and if Marion decides to bail and go for a contented Mavs could always look to sign Trevor Ariza. Also if Deng doesn’t work out there is always Rudy Gay a Player Option Free agent who hasn’t found a place to stay he has been traded around the league playing for three different teams Memphis, Toronto, and now the Kings. He is a better scorer then Luol Deng but not as good on the defensive side.

Point Guard Calderon is a great offensive weapon and is under contract, Devin Harris is decent on both sides of the ball. I'd really love to see them try and work a deal for Rajon Rondo it seems it would be nearly impossible to work a trade that makes sense for Boston since he's not free until 2015 and the Mavs really don't have anything to offer. But we can dream right for more of a complete player? Another option would be to try and sign Kyle Lowry rid themselves of Devin Harris and Vincanity, Keep Calderon and push for him to be an offensive weapon off the bench and possible 6th man 2014 -2015.

Shooting Guard - Nick Young could be a nice addition just based on the simple fact he's young would probably drive Carlisle nuts or the Mavs could just try and keep Vince at 8th on the rotation. Behind Calderon.

Power Forward- Dirk still can play. But the Mavs should implementing the Tim Duncan policy and picking games for him to be "injured" and let's say the Mavs sign Hawes or Gortat the Mavs could easily move Wright to play PF behind Dirk along with Dejuan Blair.

The Mavs hold the number 35- and number 51 over all picks in this years draft which is suppose to be pretty deep. They really need to draft solid players with those picks and find at least one diamond in the rough or maybe just maybe they could put a package together to trade up like they did with Antwain Jamison for Devin Harris but that’s doubtful. So heres a few thoughts on who I think the Mavs should have on their draft board and should be there for the taking, Rondae Hollis – Jefferson extremely athletic small forward if he fell to the Mavs it would be a steal, A.J Hammons Center Purdue raw player, true center if he falls to the Mavs another huge steal. A risky pick if it came the Mavs way but a steal if this guy fell all the way to 51 would be undersized 6 foot 3 undersized shooting guard Nick Johnson.

Keep in mind Rajon Rondo is available next season in free agency and the Mavs would have assets after the 2015 season to acquire him if these scenarios played out.

So in the perfect semi- realistic Mavs Fans world this is what we could be looking at if the Basket Ball Gods indeed smile on us this off season.

2013 -2014 Mavs

PG – Jose Calderon – Back up Devin Harris

SG – Monta Ellis – Back up Vince Carter

SF – Shawn Marion –

PF – Dirk – Back up Dejuan Blair

Center – Sam Dalambert back up Brandon Wright

2014 -2015 Mavs

PG – Kyle Lowry – back up 6th man Calderon

SG – Monta Ellis – back up Nick Young

SF – Luol Deng – Back up Shawn Marion or Trevor Ariza

PF – Dirk Nowitzki – Back up Brandon Wright

Center – Spencer Hawes – Back Up Sam Dalambert

It would be nice to see the Mavs maybe pick up a specialty player like Kyle Korver 3 point specialist. Maybe even a dirty Matt Barnes type as well someone to get out there and give some hard fouls and frustrate scorers.

Reader Submitted

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