MMB Exit Roundtable, 2013-14: Make a bold prediction for the offseason

NBA world champion Dirk Nowitzki throws out the ceremonial first pitch prior to Game Three of the MLB World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on October 22, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. - Doug Pensinger

The final installment of our eight-part Mavs Moneyball Exit Roundtable, looking back at the year that was. Even though it's still early, I asked the staff to make a bold offseason prediction.

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8. It's early, but make a bold prediction for the offseason?

Alan Smithee (@SmitheeMMB): The Mavericks sign Luol Deng and I really struggle to put together just how exactly I feel about it.

Andrew Tobolowsky (@andytobo): Luol Deng. I know we're all into Lance Stephenson here, he makes me uneasy, but whatever. I get it. He's 23, he fills up the box score, he represents promise. But in addition to the fact that we're hearing the Mavs don't like Lance, Deng fits the model of what the front office has been doing for years a lot better, in the sense that he's a savvy vet who's ready to value a chance to succeed at least a little more than money. Plus, my guess is Marion's on his way out and Deng would be a good fill-in at SF. He's got a million miles on him, but he's only 29 and he contributes on both sides of the floor.

Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace): I'm going to be wrong here, but since Monta, Dirk, and Jose are going to be part of the line up again next season, Dallas needs to just abandon defense entirely. They should offer a two year, $20+ million contract to Pau Gasol and look into any wing option who can hit a three from the corner. Sure the team won't be able to defend but I don't watch for lock down defense anyway.

Doyle Rader (@TheKobeBeef): The Mavericks will sign Josh McRoberts. His signing will be the first of many that will eventually lead the team back to the championship.

Bailey Rogers (@BRogers789): Ricky Ledo destroys everyone in the Summer League and in training camp en route to carving out a roll for himself in the rotation next season.

Josh Bowe (@Boweman55): I'm going REAL BOLD. Signing guys like Deng and Ariza wouldn't surprise me that much -- those are realistic targets at a position of need. My bold claim will be Dallas trades for an impact center along the lines of an Omer Asik or a LARRY SANDERS! Houston I would imagine really doesn't want to pay that large last year of Asik's deal and the Bucks are an absolute mess and could be having buyer's remorse on Sanders new extension. With the Mavs being freed up to trade a future first-rounder and cheap, usable assets in Shane Larkin, Ricky Ledo, Wayne Ellington, Dalembert and Wright, they have some ammo to deal with. It's a long shot, but hey, that's why it's BOLD.

Tim Cato (@tim_cato): Aw yeah last roundtable answer of the series. I will make the bold prediction that the Moneyball crew will break Vegas by partying too hard. This is a very bold prediction because there's only like one of us who actually knows how to party. All of the bold predictions. Why am I still writing? I honestly can't give you an answer for that.

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