Free Agency/Draft Ideas Open Thread

I gotta be honest - my favorite month in the NBA outside of any month the Mavs are in the playoffs is July. It's a time when everything's shiny and new, hopes are higher, the grass is greener and the realities of an NBA season haven't quite set in yet. It's also the only time of year I find it worthwhile to use Twitter, hoping and waiting with bated breath to see who the newest Mavericks will be the moment it happens.

This thread is about who you do/don't want to sign, draft, re-sign, keep, trade away or trade for this summer. Post your fantasy Mavs lineups but try to stick within the salary cap/estimated market values for players if possible. The Mavs are estimated to have around $31m in cap space, give or take.

I'll start:

- Re-sign Dirk ~$9m

- Re-sign Marion ~$3m

- Re-sign Carter for the room exception

- Sign Avery Bradley ~$7m

- Sign PJ Tucker ~$6m

- Sign Jordan Hill ~$5m

- Sign Emeka Okafor ~4m x2 years with player option next summer.

- Waive or trade Ellington for a 2nd rounder

- Waive or trade either Mekel or Ledo

- Let Blair, Harris and Sarge walk if they won't return for the minimum.

- Draft the best PF or C available


Calderon - Bradley - Larkin

Ellis - Carter - Ledo?

Tucker - Marion - Crowder

Dirk - Hill - draft pick?

Okafor - Dalembert - Wright

The main problem with this plan is that Tucker and Bradley are RFAs so we may have to overpay only to have their teams match. Both Phoenix and Boston have significant cap space if I remember correctly. I'm half thinking we should poison pill those guys like Houston did with Lin/Asik.

But if possible what I really like about it is we basically took our stellar offensive core this year and added four great defenders to it in different positions. Tucker got 2 DPOY votes this year, and Bradley was on the all-defensive 2nd team last year. And we'd certainly have the best bench in the league. Carlisle has the tools to match up against any lineup and Bradley can play with either Calderon or Ellis to take the primary defensive burden in any lineup. Even if Okafor doesn't ever return to full health/production, Hill can play C if necessary so our frontcourt is stacked. I'm kind of preferring this approach that fixes all of our problems and allows us to keep Marion and Carter to signing two solid starters like Deng and Gortat.

Your turn...

Reader Submitted

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