Skip Bayless Does NOT Think Dirk is a Hall of Famer

Unfortunately, this thread needs to be made. I'm sorry.

I feel like this may have been talked about SOMEWHERE on this site, and if it has, I missed it and do apologize.

Anyway, Skip Bayless was doin' his usual thing on First Take the other day. He and Stephen A. Smith were going back and forth like always. It was a live set in Miami. They even had Lil Wayne on as a guest. But then, this happened:

Skip started comparing LeBron to M.J. (ugh.) Stephen A. disagreed.

S.A.: "NOBODY who has lost in the finals is Jordan. He was 6-6."

Skip keeps sort of contradicting himself, but there are so many holes in the MJ-LeBron comparison that...urgh. Whatever. Let's keep going and get to the point.

Basically, Skip continues arguing that LeBron isn't M.J. because of his NBA Finals losses, but is sort of defending him in a way... it's hard to tell. S.A. is saying that those finals losses shouldn't bring disrespect upon James, and losing the finals doesn't take away from your greatness.

And now to what you've all (not) been waiting to hear.

S.A.: "You always bring up Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. LeBron lost to Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki." (the former referring to the greats that lost to Jordan, including Johnson in the 1991 Finals, but are still basketball legends)

Skip: "You know, I don't think you should put Dirk Nowitzki in there. I think you just disqualified your argument."

Lil Wayne: "Wait, what do you mean? What do you mean?"

S.A.: "Is he not a Hall of Famer?!"

Skip: "YOU'RE a Hall of Famer in the NBA. Come on, I mean, seriously, everybody goes into the Hall of Fame."

S.A. and Weezy simultaneously roll their eyes and moan because of the horrendously idiotic comments they had just been forced to listen to.

I just cannot comprehend this. This is literally too stupid to even register in my brain. Usually I can at least stand Skip Bayless, but this grinds my gears. Dirk Nowitzki is potentially the greatest foreign basketball player of all time, one of the greatest (and certainly the greatest shooting tall man) PF's in NBA history, and an NBA champion. Let's take a look at Dirk's resume, Skippy.

  • 12-time All-Star
  • 4-time NBA First Team
  • Dallas Mavericks' ALL-TIME leading scorer
  • Just shy of 27,000 career points
  • 23 PPG/8 RPG over his career
  • 2011 NBA Finals Champion
  • 2011 NBA Finals MVP
  • 2007 NBA MVP

That's just to name a few of Dirk's MANY accomplishments. I've got way more right here, but you guys know how good Dirk is. Most non-Mavs fans will never give Dirk the respect he deserves because of the Mavericks' postseason history, but in my eyes, he's the greatest PF of all time and it's a crime to even think that he wouldn't be a Hall of Famer when he hangs up the sneakers.

If you want to force your ears to bleed and listen to the entire First Take discussion, here you go. Would love to know you guys' thoughts on this.

Reader Submitted

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