Potencial Mavs and Pistons Trade: Josh Smith


Dear # MFFL, this period in NBA Free Agency generate many speculations and possible trade agreements between players and franchises.

This trade that I believe may be of interest to Dallas Mavs. Currently agreements Dirk Nowitzki ($ 30 million three years) and more recently with Devin Harris ($ 9 million three years), remain in Cap Space about $ 13 or $ 14 million. This would be with the Pistons trade would bring the SF Josh Smith to Dallas in exchange for Raymond Felton and Brandan Wright and agreements added around $ 9 million, Mavs receive Smith and his contract of $ 13,500 million per season, that would give a relief in Cap Space to Detroit $ 4,500 million. Even with the impact of Smith in Cap Space Dallas for the coming seasons, Mavs still have available $ 8,500 million and would sign ex Kings talented PG Isaiah Thomas an agreement 4 years $ 34 million. Furthermore Mavs no longer have the Tayson Chandler Agreement and its $ 14,500 million out of books in 2015/2016 season.

I believe Josh Smith could adapt well to the Head Coach Carlisle system, there would lose the long shots that because Isaiah Thomas is a good three point shooter. Rick Carlisle could also take the best basketball of Smith, helping to improve your game as well as it did with Monta Ellis. So Josh Smith finally join the All-Star Game.

For the Detroit Pistons would be interesting to have Raymond Felton and Brandan Wright good players coming off the bench, with the certainty of more Cap Space in 2015 with the end of Brandan Wright agreement, which would help the new agreements of young stars Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.

The truth is that Josh Smith has not adapted to Detroit and had a season slightly below expectations in Dallas he could recover, Smith is a good perimeter defender and excellent defender inside paint, it would be interesting to have him defending players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. as no one doubts its excellent offensive qualities. Mavs have a great defense with two great rebounders and shot blockers.

What friends think of this trade?

Ps: Sorry for my English, I am Brazilian and I lived for a short time in Dallas, I've been some times in the AA Center, was enough to make me a Mavs Fan For Life.

Reader Submitted

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