Bob Levey

Chandler Parsons is a Dallas Maverick

The Rockets have elected NOT to match. GET EXCITED!

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Roundtable: Parsons and filling out the roster

The Mavs Moneyball staff discusses their glee over Cuban's plan working to perfection and where the team goes from here.


Parsons and Dallas' remaining questions

The signing of Chandler Parsons saved Dallas' offseason, but there are still a lot of questions regarding what this team will look like and what they still need to do.


Cuban would have matched Parsons; other thoughts

The Mavericks' owner was at Las Vegas with the Dallas Mavericks summer league squad and talked about what is turning into a successful offseason for his team.


Parsons invited to Team USA

Parsons has an opportunity to test his talent against the best the United States has to offer.


Reaction: Chandler Parsons is a Maverick

Ultimately the offer sheet was too steep for Houston to match without Bosh on board, meaning that Chandler Parsons will officially be a Dallas Maverick.


Houston will not match, Parsons coming to Dallas

The Rockets have elected not to match the offer sheet presented by the Mavericks


Cuban knows how he would handle Parsons situation

Cuban spoke briefly on the Parsons offer at Summer League on Saturday.


Houston signs Ariza; could still match on Parsons

Sam Amick of USA Today Sports had the tweet heard 'round Mavs Twitter:

The structure of Ariza's deal, however, is cause for concern. The good value on the deal means that Dallas' offer might easily still be matched:

Overall, I suppose better that Ariza was signed than not signed, but the value will leave us guessing. And certainly, Houston will be in no rush to let Dallas know of their plans until the last possible second.

Stay tuned, kids!


Another domino falls: Bosh returns to Miami


Everything's coming up Mark Cuban's way -- thus far. Once LeBron James made the decision earlier today to return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, it was widely expected Bosh would leave Miami to join the Rockets. As Tim explained earlier today, Houston was then expected to match Dallas' offer to Chandler Parsons, using Bird Rights to go over the salary cap.

David Lord elaborates on why Bosh chose Miami:

Houston was able to put a number of trades tentatively in motion to facilitate their offer to Bosh (Asik to the Pelicans; Lin to the Lakers) that now could be reconsidered as they still decide whether to match Dallas' offer. Speculation had been that they might balk at the numbers in the deal and look to get an Ariza or Deng for less money.

They have until 5:00 p.m. Sunday to decide. Presumably, they won't let Dallas know, even if they decide, until the last possible minute -- again, leaving us Mavericks fans to wait with baited breath.

It's going to be a long weekend.


Houston looks to sign Bosh, match Parsons

The cards will start falling quick.


Chandler Parsons wants to be paid like a star

$15 million a year is only an overpay if he has the same role he had last season.


Rockets have offer sheet, now on the clock

Apparently, Cuban's carrier pigeon finally reached Daryl Morey. And now we wait.


Club Analysis: the Parsons offer sheet signing

Chandler Parsons was caught on camera signing an offer sheet from the Mavericks while in a club Thursday night. What can we glean from his surroundings?


Mavs waiting to submit offer sheet to Rockets

UPDATE JUNE 10, 12:19 p.m.: Apparently, the 72-hour window we keep talking about is not a ticking stopwatch, but an actual "three day window" that requires three full days. Does that make any sense? Man, the CBA is a damn mess.

That tweet explains why the Mavericks haven't submitted the offer sheet yet -- it doesn't matter one way or the other as long as they submit it by 5 p.m. tonight. Until then, they're talking sign-and-trade and keeping their options open. At least, that's what I think is happening.


I'll let someone smart than me try and figure this out. Sign-and-trade rumors make it seem more likely Parsons will be a Maverick, but it'll be interesting to see at what cost.

On the other hand, maybe Houston is just cleverly stalling so they can wait out LeBron James and have more time to get Chris Bosh if he becomes available.


Five Out: the Chandler Parsons waiting game

You didn't? Well, then here are some more things about the chess match between Mark Cuban and Daryl Morey.


Why Houston won't let Parsons slip away

Daryl Morey made one mistake not picking up Parsons' team option, but he's too smart to make another.


PHOTO: Cuban and Parsons after making $46 million offer sheet official

Chandler Parsons poses with Mark Cuban after making the 3 year, $46 million offer sheet official. Houston has 72 hours to match or let Parsons walk.


Parsons, Mavs agree to offer sheet worth $45m

As soon as the clock hits midnight, Houston will have 72 hours to match.


A Cap Update, or, a Handsome Game of Chess

With the news that the Mavericks are looking to levy an offer sheet to Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets, an update on the Mavericks' cap situation


Mavs preparing offer sheet for Chandler Parsons

Yahoo! reports the Mavericks are preparing an offer sheet for Houston's restricted free agent Chandler Parsons.

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