Tim Cato


Tim Cato is a journalism student at the University of North Texas and manager at Mavs Moneyball. He's a mediocre rec center hooper who thinks his jumper is a little bit more like Dirk's than it really is, and enjoys watching other Dallas sports teams in his (rare) free time.


The Aftermath: Totally saw that coming

Didn't you? The Mavericks roll the Thunder up and discard them in a 109-86 win on the road.

Four-Pointer: Previewing the Thunder

Tonight, the Mavericks travel the long, arduous trip up to Oklahoma -- okay, it's not even an hour by charter flight. But in a potential first round playoff match-up, this game has major implications.

D-League Report: Shane Larkin's best game

The Mavericks' first-round pick made another spontaneous (at least to us) trip to the D-League, his fourth of the season. It was also his best game.

Recap: Dirk rains hellfire, Mavs beat Jazz

The Mavericks win their third game in fourth night thanks to some fantastic bench play, defense that was just good enough and, most importantly, a superstar who is just too good.

POLL: "Kidnap" a Jazz player

My creative poll questions have been exhausted, so today's is just for fun. Utah has several great young players so it's worth asking, I think.

QUOTEBOARD: "The team picked me up"

The Mavericks become the second team this season to sweep the Pacers, joining the Phoenix Suns in going 2-0 against a team that has, at various points, had the best record in the NBA.

The Aftermath: OH MY DEVIN ♥

Despite building then blowing a 30-point lead, the Mavericks came through in the final act, and that turned out to be the only one that mattered. Devin Harris' awkward banked runner, and one, turned out to be the play of the night.

MMB Roundtable: The bench

Our circular table of Mavericks discussion included talks about the Dallas bench unit. Also: cheesecake. Why would you sit at a table if you weren't going to eat cheesecake?

QUOTEBOARD: "We missed shots."

The locker room atmosphere wasn't angry or confrontational -- after all, the Mavericks did finish the month with a 9-3 record -- but the players were quiet and quick tonight. Here's what they said.

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