Dallas Mavericks Player Reviews

Grouping of all the player reviews produced by Mavs Moneyball.

Marion's time in Dallas may be over


Coming off his worst year as a Maverick, Dallas and Shawn Marion may very well choose to part ways.

Blair's underappreciated role


Blair's contributions were overshadowed by Brandan Wright, but Blair did a good job in his role splitting time at the center position. However, it wasn't enough to guarantee his return.

Devin showed comfort, fit with Mavs


Due to a botched physical, surprising Monta Ellis signing and toe surgery, Devin Harris's season didn't go as expected. Yet, the 31-year-old guard proved why the Mavs were so high on him.

Vince set to end career with familiar team


At 37 years old, Vince Carter isn't just in the league fighting off Father Time. He's one of the few stars who has been able to transform his game to become a great role player, which has allowed...

Tough to predict where Sarge James will be


The two-year NBA vet turns 30 this year, and it's hard to predict where he will end up. He could reprise his role as the emergency big man off the bench, but it's almost just as likely that's he's...

MMB Player Review: Dirk Nowitzki


Berlin Tall returned to form in his 16th year in the league

Player Review: Monta Ellis


Is Monta Ellis a longterm solution in Dallas? We review his season and look to the future.

Player Review: Jose Calderon


How did Jose Calderon do after signing a lengthy deal with the Dallas Mavericks?

Player Review: Sam "Pizza Hands" Dalembert


He was the center the Mavericks needed, not the one they deserved

MMB Player Review: Wayne Ellington


We kick off our second week of player reviews with Wayne Ellington. Who, you ask? Yeah, I'm pretty sure Rick Carlisle also forgot who he was.


MMB Player Review, 2013-14: Brandan Wright


A look at the season that was for Dallas' exciting, athletic big man.

MMB Player Review: Jae Crowder


A horrific offensive season, but in other ways is he finding his place?

Player Review: Gal Mekel


The Israeli point guard played more in 2013 than 2014, but never quite became the decent backup people saw at last year's summer league.

MMB Player Review: Shane Larkin


Round 2 of the player reviews takes a look at the Mavs' best draft pick since Devin Harris

MMB Player Review: Ricky Ledo


We kick off our Mavs Moneyball player reviews with the enigma of Ricky Ledo.

Player Review: Darren Collison


The MMB player review series nears an end, just in time for the Mavericks to start adding new players through free agency. We break down the up-and-down season of Darren Collison.

Elton Brand: Player Review


The MMB Player Review series continues with Elton Brand

Player Review: Jae Crowder


MMB Player Review series continues with rookie Jae Crowder. How did Jae fare in his first season?

Being wrong on Chris Kaman


Being wrong has never felt so...wrong. Totally, completely and absolutely wrong. The Mavs Moneyball Player Reviews continue with Chris Kaman.

Mike James was never the answer


Friends applaud, the comedy is over...

Brandan Wright improved by leaps and bounds


A look at athletic big man and free agent to be, Brandan Wright.

The sad fall of Roddy Beaubois


The MMB Player Review series continues with injury-plagued fourth year guard Rodrigue Beaubois.

Player Review: Bernard James


Bernard James had little to no expectations for his rookie season and the Air Force vet managed to exceed them.

Player Review: Anthony Morrow


The sharpshooter didn't play much in Dallas, but we break down his season, anyway.

Player Review: Jared Cunningham


A look back at the season that was for rookie Jared Cunningham

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