Free Agent Profiles

All of our 2014 Mavs Offseason free agent profiles.

Jordan Hill: an efficient rebounder


Jordan Hill is coming off his best season but his numbers don't tell the full story.

Could Ed Davis be the next Brandan Wright?


Remember the last time the Mavs signed a 24-year old 6'10+ left-hander from UNC who was drafted in the lottery and bounced around the league?

Just how good is Eric Bledsoe?


The competition for acquiring the services of restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe will be strong, but is it possible that he's still being underrated.

How much does the Truth have left?


Paul Pierce could follow in the footsteps of the Matrix and Vinsanity in transitioning from superstar to Mavs role player, but how likely is is that Pierce comes to Dallas?

Is Xavier Henry an X-factor in waiting?


I would like to see Xavier Henry in a Mavericks uniform. Can I convince the Mavericks?

Chris Bosh, the Hyena


Could Bosh resume the role of superstar? He won't, but it'd be a lot of fun to watch.

Shaun Livingston is intriguing but less than ideal


Livingston has the size, savvy, and defensive know-how to partner with Monta Ellis, but his lack of outside shooting ability might make spacing a big concern.

Chalmers, everyone's favorite punching bag


Mario Chalmers has been very hit and miss in his NBA career, but the Mavericks suddenly find themselves in need of a starting point guard. Can Mavs fans stomach "Mario Chalmers: Dallas Maverick?"

Another shooting big man in Dallas?


Now that Tyson Chandler is manning center, the Mavs focus shifts to finding a backup. Coming off a career year, Spencer Hawes and his toilet paper could be a great fit in Dallas.

Thabo a prototypical 3-and-D guy?


Can Thabo be the second coming of DeShawn Stevenson?


Josh McRoberts is the hero we deserve


Coming off arguably his best season, Josh McRoberts has opted out of the final year of his contract to become a free agent.

Restricted label makes Hayward unlikely aquisition


Gordon Hayward is coming off a career year for the Utah Jazz and seems set to continue his upward climb as one of the more versatile wings in the league.

The Meeks shall inherit the Earth


Jodie Meeks' ability to connect from long-range will surely make him a coveted asset this summer. Will the Mavericks show any interest in adding another guard to their roster?

Right point guard, wrong time


The point guard the Mavs have been dreaming of, who hits the market right when he doesn't fit

A possible backup for Dirk?


Jason Smith is an unheralded player but may be a perfect fit with the Mavericks.

Can Spain and Germany Co-Exist?


Pau Gasol is still a double-double threat that plenty of contenders could look to add.

The inevitable offseason move


The adjective needed to describe Luol Deng doesn't exist, so we're going to make it up -- he's just so damn Mavericks-y.

Heat Check for Swaggy P


Could Nick Young be a Maverick? No. Okay! Let's talk about him anyway.

The unicorn of free agency


A few thoughts on arguably the best free agent the Mavs actually have a chance at signing this offseason.

So you're telling me there's a chance?


Dispelling rumors and possibly starting pipedreams about the player who's probably going to be this offseason's biggest fish, Carmelo Anthony.

Chasing the White Whale


One of the NBA's best might be on the free agent market this summer. Does Dallas stand a chance?

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