2014 Mavericks Offseason

All things to do with the 2014 offseason.

Parsons, Harden "beef" gets back to team mindsets


A brief take on this really silly Chandler Parsons and James Harden beef.

Nelson's two year, $6m contract is official


The deal was completed on Thursday, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

Q&A: Richard Jefferson's role


To figure out Richard Jefferson and his role on the team, we went to the man in charge at SLC Dunk to get an idea of what to expect.

Al-Farouq Aminu to sign with Mavericks


Dallas appears set to sign the former New Orleans forward.

Jameer Nelson close to signing with Dallas


The 10-year Orlando veteran appears to be ready to join the Mavericks.

Lewis to have knee surgery


We'll wait and see what impact this has on the Mavericks and Lewis' season.

How Parsons became a Mav, as told by Twitter


For three agonizing days, the MMB staff, fellow DFW media and fans all had to sweat out Chandler Parsons restricted free agency.

Newly-signed Griffin leads Mavs to LVSL win


Led by the scoring of Eric Griffin and the passing of Ricky Ledo, the Mavericks easily handled the Suns.

Summer League Game 5 Thread: Mavericks vs. Suns


The SummerMavs bid farewell to Summer League with their last matchup.

Where could the $2.7m exception be used?


Mo Williams has been mentioned as a target for the Mavericks. However, there are other targets Dallas could be eyeing.


Summer League Game 4 Thread: Mavericks vs. Hornets


This is still going on, huh?

Q&A: Talking Chandler Parsons


We go to the experts in Houston to learn a little about the new Maverick starting forward.

Blair sign-and-trade to Wizards complete


Blair joins the Wizards for three years.

Mavs had deal on the table for Lance


If Houston matched Dallas' offer to Chandler Parsons, the Mavericks would have set their sights on Lance Stephenson.

Mavericks sign Rashard Lewis


The Mavericks found their Dirk backup. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Dirk officially re-signs at further discount


And all is right with the world.

Las Vegas Report: Mavericks vs. Raptors


Unlike the real Mavericks, this Summer League team actually blew a team out -- and pretty convincingly, too.

Roundtable: Parsons and filling out the roster


The Mavs Moneyball staff discusses their glee over Cuban's plan working to perfection and where the team goes from here.

Parsons and Dallas' remaining questions


The signing of Chandler Parsons saved Dallas' offseason, but there are still a lot of questions regarding what this team will look like and what they still need to do.

Cuban would have matched Parsons; other thoughts


The Mavericks' owner was at Las Vegas with the Dallas Mavericks summer league squad and talked about what is turning into a successful offseason for his team.



More Summer League? More Summer League!

Reaction: Chandler Parsons is a Maverick


Ultimately the offer sheet was too steep for Houston to match without Bosh on board, meaning that Chandler Parsons will officially be a Dallas Maverick.

Richard Jefferson to sign one-year deal with Mavs


The former Net and Spur actually showed he had a little left in the tank last season, and now joins Dallas at an area of need.

Las Vegas Report, Day 2: Mavs beat Wolves


I talk about things I saw in Vegas on Day 2 of NBA Summer League.

Dallas to acquire Bulls backup center Greg Smith


Chicago will send the young journeyman to Dallas in an effort to clear space for their anticipated Pau Gasol signing.

Cuban knows how he would handle Parsons situation


Cuban spoke briefly on the Parsons offer at Summer League on Saturday.

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