Calderon, spacing and the new Mavs offense


It started with a friendly back-and-forth on Twitter and turned into an article. Here are some thoughts about how the Mavericks offense will operate next season.

Parsons and Dallas' remaining questions


The signing of Chandler Parsons saved Dallas' offseason, but there are still a lot of questions regarding what this team will look like and what they still need to do.

Reaction: Chandler Parsons is a Maverick


Ultimately the offer sheet was too steep for Houston to match without Bosh on board, meaning that Chandler Parsons will officially be a Dallas Maverick.

Deals and steals for the Mavericks roster


The Mavericks need to fill their roster, but might not have much money to do so. We take a look at possible minimum deal steals.

Chandler Parsons wants to be paid like a star


$15 million a year is only an overpay if he has the same role he had last season.

Why Houston won't let Parsons slip away


Daryl Morey made one mistake not picking up Parsons' team option, but he's too smart to make another.

Examining possible PG/SF duos in Dallas


Dozens of rumors have helped give us an idea of what Dallas is trying to do this offseason, but here's a look at what the team could look like when the offseason finally comes to a close.

A Cap Update, or, a Handsome Game of Chess


With the news that the Mavericks are looking to levy an offer sheet to Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets, an update on the Mavericks' cap situation

Priorities of a Superstar NBA Free Agent


One blogger's thoughts on how he'd handle NBA free agency if he was an NBA superstar

The Mavs will never learn


Another summer, another big free agent meeting and another public perception disaster for the Mavericks is on the horizon.


Trade Thursday: Omer Coming?


Is Omer Asik a viable trade option for Dallas?

My Retirement


I'm sorry to see me go, but I like to watch me leave, or whatever.

Trading for Larry Sanders


Larry Sanders has had an up-and-down career. Let's set aside whether you want him as a Mavericks -- here's what it would probably take.

Dirk behind the scenes


When Justin Galit got cancer, he reached out to his sports hero.

How the Mavs could reacquire Tyson


We all know the history between Chandler and the Mavericks, and while the Knicks may not have any interest in getting rid of their center, there's a chance that if they do there could be a...

On scarcity: How does a team get better?


A lot of us act like winning a chip is just a matter of trying really hard. But...

Cuban, Bomani and understanding racism


After Cuban made comments about racism and biases, he and Bomani Jones went back and forth on Twitter about the issue.

How have the playoffs benefited the Mavs?


The Spurs are currently steamrolling the Trail Blazers. The Mavericks gave the Spurs all they could handle in seven games. What does this mean for the offseason conversation?

Saying Goodbye to the 2013-2014 Mavericks


"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." -Douglas Adams

Standing in the Shadow of Titans


Two old rivals face each other again in a moment that will live long after the whistle sounds and the lights of the arena dim.

Game 7 and the Spurs: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


It's been a long time since 2006

Waiting on the Mavs to fail


All season, the Mavs have heard predictions of demise. But they're still here.

The Warlock of the West


Revisiting the Coach of the Year voting with an honest question: why didn't Rick Carlisle get a vote?

It's how they're winning


The Mavericks have already done a lot of what they needed to do in this playoffs -- which is showing the rest of the NBA what they're about.

Devin Harris and the cycle of basketball


Why "Devin Harris: X-Factor" against the Spurs has a familiar ring to it.

How to fix Dirk before Game Three


The Mavericks have tied the Spurs in their first round playoff series but make no mistake -- the Mavs will not keeping winning if they continue to get the Dirk they've been getting so far.

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