Dirk's no good, very bad day

The big guy missed an unusual amount of shots the other day. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

The Hangover: Game One Reactions

Game 1 is over, and we're dealing with the hangover here at Mavs Moneyball. Here are our thoughts.

Should Crowder have played more in Game 1?

Jae Crowder only played 12 minutes in the Mavericks Game 1 loss to the Spurs on Sunday. In those 12 minutes, some magical things happened, making me wonder if he should have seen more time.

Mavs-Spurs makes us go crazy

The Mavericks and Spurs have a rivalry that shaped how I watch basketball right now. It turns us into crazy, deranged lunatics and also makes us happier then we can ever imagine.

How to beat the Spurs in six easy steps

The Mavericks can beat the Spurs. They might need some help, but it can be done with these six easy steps.

The Good/Bad Mavericks

How are these guys simultaneously so good and bad?

Loving, hating and appreciating Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis is the most infuriating player I've ever watched on the Dallas Mavericks. In the end, I probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Should we root for the Mavs to keep their pick?

Right now it's a tossup as to whether the Mavs will keep or lose their draft pick. Which would be better?

Dirk vs. the Narrative

People have thought a lot of different things about Dirk throughout his career, but it seems like it's all going to end up alright.

Jae Crowder and the problem with ESPN's new stat

The Beast is a textbook example of the problems with ESPN's new "real plus-minus" statistic.


Statsketball: The Final Playoff Push

Looking at the last 4 games of the season and what each one means to the Mavericks' season

The Predictions: End of Season Edition

The final four games of the Mavericks season will happen in some fashion. But how? That's the ultimate question.

Brandan Wright is still a badass

After a drop in enthusiasm towards him as the season has gone on, here's a friendly reminder that Brandan Wright is still awesome.

Grizzlies and Suns vs. April

The Mavericks started off April on a sour note with another overtime loss, this time to Golden State. We know they face a tough schedule, but let's look at the other two Western Conference playoff hopefuls.

Mavs vs. April: the last leg

Eight games left in the regular season, and here's a broad look at what lies ahead.

Predicting Golden State and a trip through Cali

How will the Mavs fare this week?

Sam Dalembert's Tyson impression

The first half of Dalembert's season was forgettable, but since the All-Star Break, he's really starting to come into his own -- and not a moment too soon.

Monta a better Dirk co-star than Deron?

While many Mavs fans were devastated by the front office's failure to get Deron Williams into a Mavs jersey a couple of years ago, the emergence of Monta Ellis this season has left many of us wondering "so what?"

It's time to shake up the conferences

After another year of deep talent differences between the two conferences, it's time to say enough is enough

The week ahead for the Suns and Grizzlies

We've got ourselves an old-fashioned pennant race.

Statsketball: Playoff Matchup Predictions

My attempt to predict how the Mavericks are likely to fare against their possible first round matchups.

The Predictions: Mavs can win despite tough week

A tough, tough week. Let's get nutty.

Mediocrity isn't always a treadmill

Whatever happens this year, the Mavs can make a splash next year.

A look to the future: playoffs?

The Mavericks have far from locked up a playoff spot, with Phoenix still only a game and a half back. But the season is close enough to the end for a look ahead on who Dallas might face if they do squeeze into the playoff picture.

Statsketball: Is Dallas Playoff Ready?

As the Mavs get into the thick of the hunt for a bottom three playoff seed, I take a look at this Mavericks squad statistically to see how they're doing.

Weekly Predictions: Potentially tough matchups

With a very matchup dependent week ahead, the Mavericks should come out with a couple more wins.

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