Jason Kidd's "What the Kidd Didd" rap isn't good

20 years ago, Jason Kidd was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks. Before he even played a minute in the NBA, he recorded a rap song. Luckily, he stuck to basketball.


Dirk Nowitzki on Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien is filming in Dallas this week and Dirk Nowitzki dropped by to quiz him on a range of Texas topics.

Margaritas with Monta and the Matrix

Monta Ellis and Shawn Marion showed off their bartending skills at a Mavs event last night, and MMB was on the scene of this very important story


MMB does All-Star Weekend: a photographic journey

We went to New Orleans. We saw some cool people. We took photos. Here's the evidence.


DeJuan Blair = rapper?

DeJuan Blair is many things: a man, a basketball player, and apparently an amateur rapper. Yep.

Monta Ellis Jr. also has it all

Last night's Dance Cam contest at American Airlines Center may or may not have been rigged.


Carlisle goes "Pop" on a reporter

Carlisle shows no mercy to the silly media.

I love the NBA (and the 90s)

The only season preview you need: if the upcoming Mavs season were set to 90s songs, here's what I imagine it would be.



A great quote from media day gets some interesting reactions


Dirk Nowitzki posted a picture to his Twitter account earlier this week. It was strange. Let's discuss.

Let's Help the Mavs Caption This Fun Picture!

A little contest to entertain us all today.

Rachel Reida is the Reason You Know the Score

The stats crew might be the hardest working people at a NBA game who you don't even realize you're relying on. Rachel Reida of the Dallas Mavericks' stats crew talked with us about the intensity behind the scorer's table.

The Dirk Nowitzki Journey

A video look back as we prepare to move forward

Podcast: The Offseason, the West, the Prospects

We Talk Mavs, with special guest Danny Shoham

Fan Fiction Friday: The Long Goodbye

Dirk sharpens his game for a new audience

Happy 55th Birthday Mark Cuban!

Wishing a happy birthday to the best owner in sports

Fan Fiction Fridays: The Final Frontier

No one ever saw this coming. Would anyone live to tell the tale?


Deconstructing Dwight: A Musical Analysis

Rebecca takes a look at the meaning behind Dwight's Free Agency Quest

Dirk Nowitzki: NBA Champion, Master Flopper

There is no fine for flopping in soccer/football. Which is probably a good thing.

The Matrix has a go at... acting?

This video's shining moment is Shawn Marion "taking a charge".

Great Shot or The Greatest Shot in Finals History?

The shot that finally convinced Kirk that Dallas would win the 2011 title.

Mavericks draft night, a parody: Part one

How will the 2013 NBA Draft go for the Mavericks? No idea, but Josh Bowe is peering into his crystal ball to look at how all the possible scenarios (if the Mavs keep their pick) turn out.

Mavs Moneyball House Sigil: Create your own!

I KNOW there are other Game of Thrones enthusiasts out there... here's your chance to create and share your Mavs-related house sigil!


Jae Crowder/Brandan Wright Shape Shifting

With the Season 3 premier of Game of Thrones fast approaching, we're running into all sorts of magic. This is just one example.

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