Polls go here, including the Friday poll.

How do you watch Mavs playoff games?


Each of us watches sports a little differently. Some of us are quiet and stew in our emotions. Others yell and scream and AARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! The Mavs being back in the playoffs will bring out a...

Poll: Who should the Mavs face in the playoffs?


Nothing is guaranteed but the Mavs look like they'll squeak into the playoffs. Who will they play, though?

Vince Carter wants to stay a Maverick. Should he?


Carter has indicated his desire to stay in Dallas beyond this year. Do the fans want him to?

Poll: Who has the better coiffure?


Things could get "hairy" for the Mavs tonight.

Poll: Shane Larkin or Kelly Olynyk?


The Mavericks originally drafted Kelly Olynyk in 2013 but traded his rights to Boston, eventually ending up with Shane Larkin. Did Dallas make the right choice?

Game Day Poll: Pick Your Poison


Which Thunder star concerns you the most?

POLL: "Kidnap" a Jazz player


My creative poll questions have been exhausted, so today's is just for fun. Utah has several great young players so it's worth asking, I think.

Poll: Which Pelicans mascot is more terrifying?


Mascots are the stuff of nightmares in New Orleans, apparently.

Poll Time! How much better are the Rockets?


The Mavs' division rival won the prize of the off-season. How has that get impacted the Rockets?

Game Day Poll: Anthony Davis


Where would you rank the forward?


Poll Time! The return of Chris Kaman?


A look back before looking forward

Poll Time! Would you...


Would you make this trade?

Gameday Poll: Most important bench player?


It's the first day of 2014, so I guess this is a good time to look ahead.

Poll: Steph/Klay or Dirk/Monta?


The matchup of 44.6 vs 42.6 -- can Curry/Thompson outscore the Dirk/Monta duo, like they have for the season?

POLL: Calderon, Wright, Harris or a center?


The Mavericks are not at full strength yet.

Poll Time: Scheduling Conflicts


Which team are you looking forward to Dallas playing next season?

Poll Time! Cuban's "State of the Organization"


How do you feel about Cuban's Friday night blog post?

Poll Time! Off-Season to Date


What's been your favorite move?

POLL: What's your opinion of the Mavs' trades?


The Mavericks traded down to select Shane Larkin with the 18th pick in the NBA draft.

What Free Agent Ranks Highest on Your Wist List?


It's been a rough week. Let's look forward.

Friday Poll: Is Morrow even gonna play?


The trade deadline is over, and there was a small deal made that flipped Dahntay Jones with Anthony Morrow. What exactly will he bring to the team?

Post All-Star Game Poll Time!


What does Dallas need to do to make the playoffs?

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