A quoteboard from the players and coaches following a game, often with video. Look for these after (almost) every home game.

Cuban would have matched Parsons; other thoughts


The Mavericks' owner was at Las Vegas with the Dallas Mavericks summer league squad and talked about what is turning into a successful offseason for his team.

Exit Interview Quoteboard: Donnie and Marion


Donnie and Shawn Marion both spoke to the media for the last time in the 2013-14 season, and we break down the top 10 things that those two said.

Exit Interview Quoteboard: Dirk and Carlisle


Dirk and Rick both spoke to the media for the last time in the 2013-14 season, and we break down the top 10 things that those two said.

Cuban: "No appreciating any loss. They all suck."


The Mavericks lose to the Spurs in Game 7, and the Maverick players talked to the media for one last time this season.

Pop on Monta: "It's called speed."


Although excited about a win, the general vibe in the locker room made it clear the team was already looking ahead to Game 7 on Sunday in San Antonio.

Marion: "Hostile act? Is that a movie?"


DeJuan Blair's play fueled the Mavericks' comeback but his ejection may have hurt their efforts down the stretch. How did the Mavs react to losing Blair and the game?

Carlisle to Vince: "You're gonna knock it down"


Did you hear that Vince Carter hit an amazing shot to win game three? No? Well if not, here are some more things about that, and some Monta and Dalembert praise to boot.

Monta: "We needed this, by any means necessary"


After Game 2 of the first round of the playoffs in San Antonio, the Mavericks and Spurs had some words.

Carter: "The well went dry."


I was on the road in San Antonio covering this game, and the Mavericks let their disappointment show after the game finished.

QUOTEBOARD: The Spurs beat the Mavs, like usual


Nothing to see here. At least Dallas is consistent.


Carlisle: "We all own it."


As the epic homestand ends, the Mavs couldn't quite make one more play to close out one of the (other) best shooting teams in the West.

Dirk: "We lose leads, that's what we do."


The Mavericks played down to the level of the Kings, but took the win with a late-game surge.

Dirk: "All three games have been heartbreakers"


Dirk said the Mavericks think they should have beaten LA three times now, but another poor fourth quarter leads to the third loss of the season against the Clippers (with one to play).

QUOTEBOARD: "I screamed 'finally'"


Two games against OKC and two wins in the past week and a half? Basketball is a strange sport, dudes.

QUOTEBOARD: "We're frustrated"


That wasn't ideal. Besides Monta Ellis and a shockingly motivated and effective Samuel Dalembert, the Mavericks rolled over and accepted the punches Brooklyn threw as inevitable.

QUOTEBOARD: "Headed [towards] 50 wins."


At the friendly (and surprisingly empty) confines of the American Airlines Center, the Mavericks beat the Nuggets for the first time in four meetings.

QUOTEBOARD: "Shame on us"


Some postgame quotes from last night's disappointing overtime loss at AAC.

QUOTEBOARD: Mavericks slide past Celtics


It wasn't pretty and nobody is awarding them style points, but the players made it clear that a win is a win.

QUOTEBOARD: "The team picked me up"


The Mavericks become the second team this season to sweep the Pacers, joining the Phoenix Suns in going 2-0 against a team that has, at various points, had the best record in the NBA.

VIDEO QUOTEBOARD: "Change your stories."


Postgame at American Airlines Center, Carlisle, Dirk & Co. talk about the wild and crazy ride that was last night's win.

QUOTEBOARD: "We missed shots."


The locker room atmosphere wasn't angry or confrontational -- after all, the Mavericks did finish the month with a 9-3 record -- but the players were quiet and quick tonight. Here's what they said.

QUOTEBOARD: "Fast and furious"


Last night we got some reactions to the Mavs' win, Crowder vs. Ellington, and a tough spate of games ahead.

QUOTEBOARD: "He's great and we know he is great."


The Mavericks hung with Miami for much of the game, but couldn't close the deal with a rough fourth quarter. Here's player reactions straight from the post-game scene in the locker room.


Dirk speaks, you listen

Despite being the oldest guy there and only playing eight minutes, Dirk said he enjoyed being back at All-Star Weekend.

QUOTEBOARD: Dirk talks future, sleeved jerseys


Dirk's media availability lasted for 20 minutes, and here's the results in a quoteboard. Highlights include his one-legged fadeaway, the sleeved jerseys and talk about Zhizhi Wang.

Carlisle: "Don't trust happiness."


The Mavericks flipped the script on those late second half collapses and shut down the Jazz -- as any team with playoff aspirations should.

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