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Tuesday Linkage

In the Star-Telegams daily training camp article, Dwain Price talked to Dirk about not getting any game time yet. Dirk won't play in tonight's televised game either, but Yao will.

"A week is a long time for me without playing," Nowitzki said. "It's not that weird, really, because I'm in practice.

"But the weirdest thing is not traveling, knowing you're not with the team, knowing they're on the road and they've been playing games and you can't even watch them."

"Obviously you have a lot of energy left during the day that you have to use somewhere else," Nowitzki said. "But obviously I'm anxious to get back out there."
Nakia Hogan interviews Dirk for the bottom of the article and it turns out he's not the best EA spokesman.
Does NBA Live '07 do you any justice? I'm not really big on those games. I don't really play much computer. I have other things to do. But it's fun that I am on the cover.

In other Dirk news, his personal coach Holger Geschwinder won't have to spend time in jail for tax evasion. It hasn't yet been determined when he'll be able to fly to the United States.


Sefko has an article on The King of the Whale Killers.
In training camp, Mensah-Bonsu has been a bundle of energy and a strong competitor who relies on his combination of speed, strength and jumping ability.

"When he stays within his strengths of rebounding and running and giving his all on the hustle plays, he's pretty intriguing," coach Avery Johnson said. "He's been a good fit for us so far."

And Art Garcia writes about the Mavs serious and businesslike attitude this preseason. I'm glad to hear the players don't seem to be to down on themselves, but it's equally important to stay loose and have fun.