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Dallas falls to Houston

Ahhhh, preseason basketball - 69 points on 37% shooting.

I watched much of the game but the fourth quarter was the only quarter I was able to watch in its entirety. I took down some notes as I watched - some might call it a live blog or a running diary, I'll just call them random observations.

9:06 - After a great follow-up jam, Ndudi Ebi dives into the 3rd row in an unsuccessful attempt to save the ball.
8:37 - Ebi runs down a rebound and grabs it right between to Rockets.
7:55 - Ebi and Whale Killer look exactly the same on TV.
7:40: - Ebi gets a good steal then travels.
7:08 - Ebi leaps over a Rocket for a defensive rebound then travels.
6:44 - Jason Terry tells us that he and Dirk say they are staying in the "Van Horn Suite" - as in they never play. OUCH!.
5:12 - A pass to Ebi is stolen but Ebi runs down the court and gets a block. Unfortunately none of his teammates follow him and the Rockets get two anyway.
2:25 - Nice hook shot by Mbenga. He's looked very good on offense and is probably the Mavs best option in that regard.
1:46 - Bonsu passes to Mbenga and immediately gets in rebounding position. When the ball comes loose he is right there to grab it and draws a foul. Very nice unnoticed hustle play.
0:48 - Bad and crucial turnover by Darius Washington. On a fast break he does a miniature crossover but ends up just running right over Spanoulis.
0:37 - Ebi Leaves Novak wide open for a three and makes him pay.
0:10 - Ebi gets part of his hand on a pass then grabs the loose ball. As he dribbles down the court he attempts a stupid/sloppy behind the back dribble.

I swear I wasn't only watching Ndudi Ebi; he just kept catching my eye. Granted it wasn't always for the right reason. He was everywhere on the court. He'll make the team if he continues to run all over the court like he did tonight. He wasn't perfect, too many turnovers and looked very uncomfortable roaming out toward the perimeter on defense. I was still impressed.

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