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Wednesday Newspaper Roundup

Not a well played game last night, but it was basketball so it proved entertaining.

I came away very impressed by Ebi's effort and started to think he might be the frontrunner to make the team.  Art Garcia covered the three players battling for the 15th spot today and pointed something out about Ebi that I had overlooked.

Either of the two rookies (Barea or Washington) could be designated to the NBDL affiliate Fort Worth Flyers to ease their transition to pro basketball and get playing time not available with the Mavs.

Ebi can't be sent down since he's already played two years in the league, but remains an intriguing candidate. A former first-round pick by Minnesota in the 2003 draft, the 6-foot-9 forward has played both small and power forward.
That dumb rule about experienced players being in the NBDl is the main reason Podkolzin was let go this offseason.  It could seal Ebi's fate as a Maverick as well.


Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express News has a really good article about players mindset when they go into a season without a contract extension and restricted free agency looming.
Expect to hear player personnel types insisting there is little to lose by waiting until next summer, when the 2003 first-rounders become restricted free agents. Expect coaches to insist they expect no problems from non-extended players, no matter how thoroughly those players might be disappointed they didn't get long-term security. Count on players to promise to play just the same as if they had gotten the sort of extension they sought.

Then file all those comments in the B.S. Bin.

Sefko has an article about the new ball including a funny line from Dirk.
"If it's played with for two months or if it's brand new, it feels bad.  So at least they accomplished that."