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Sunday Links

Links appearing a little late today - sorry about that.

Reasonably entertaining game last night thanks to a late 17-1 run led by Ager, Mbenga, and Barea. (Box Score | Recap)


Eddie Sefko writes about how Greg Buckner has changed since he was last a Maverick, but all the interesting stuff is in the extras at the bottom. It involves Devin Harris:

They say practice makes perfect, unless you're practicing the wrong thing. The way Devin Harris is shooting, everybody is beginning to wonder if those 600 or so jump shots he shot every day this summer are going to pay off someday.

He missed all five of his shots that weren't layups in the first half against Washington. One was an airball from 3-point range. He ended up 2-for-9 from the field.

The Mavericks aren't sounding any alarms about Harris' play, but he clearly has been rusty since returning from a thigh problem.
Saturday's game was Anthony Johnson's turn to take a night off. Coach Avery Johnson is trying to give most of his starters a break late in the preseason.

And make no mistake, Anthony Johnson is the starter so far in the backcourt with Jason Terry.
As far as I've been able to see, Harris jumpshot looks identical to last season in terms of technique and results. Starting Anthony Johnson is the right move, and I think it would be even if Harris' shot had looked better so far. Johnson is good and he's played really well this preseason. As of right now, I think Devin Harris will be the first man off the bench for most of the season but probably exceed Johnson in minutes - but I just don't see him being a starter right now.


JJT has a pretty standard write-up about Mark Cuban and why his good traits as an owner far outweigh the bad.


Mercedes Mayer Sunday article is about the Mavs TV broadcasting trio of Bob Ortegal, Mark Followill, and Laura Green. She gives a little background on each then hastime line of their usual gameday process. I know a lot of people are divided on Ortegal, maybe just because he's been around so long, but I'm huge fan of the job they do and really missed them during the playoffs when we were forced to watch the inferior national crews.


In the Star-Telegram's daily training camp article, Del Harris really shows his age in an interview by saying he would want the departed John Wanye or Jimmy Stewart to play him in a movie. Even better though, he would want to come up to the plate in a baseball game to White Christmas - what a perfect answer.