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Around the NBA

First off, The Basketball Jones Southwest Division preview podcast is up. As always, it's a good one and you can listen to me talk for a few minutes about the Mavs. (It was recorded before the Howard contract extension)


Pacers update: So maybe Marshall and Powell aren't locks to make the Pacers after all. Mike Wells of the Indy Star reports that the Pacers love Orione Greene. If he's correct either Marshall or Powell would have to be let go. Powell still seems like a lock though. He's averaging 11 points and six rebounds this preseason and his teammates have raved about him. That probably leaves Marshall out.

I only keep bringing those guys up because I think the Mavs would rather have either one than Barea or Ebi.


The 30 teams in 30 days NBA preview project is still going strong.
Oct. 21 - Atlanta Hawks - Impending Firestorm
Oct. 22 - Charlotte Bobcats - Bobcat Bonfire
Oct. 23 - Miami Heat - Crazy From The Heat
Oct. 24 - Orlando Magic - Believing in Magic
Oct. 25 - Washington Wizards - Gilbert's Arena, Bullets Fever