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Monday, Monday

Art Garcia has an interesting read on the development of Devin Harris.

"He is not a shooter," Johnson explained. "He's [primarily a] playmaker and a penetrator. I don't know why with Devin Harris, all of a sudden, everybody is focusing on him shooting the ball.

"He made it to the league as a scorer, but primarily as a penetrator. That's how he helped us last year in the San Antonio series. Not because he was a 3-point shooter, but because he was a penetrator. We want him to focus on penetrating and passing, and when there's nothing there, take your shots."
The reason it's become a focus, and Johnson knows it, is that the development of a jumpshot could turn Harris from good to really, really good. Another reason for the focus on his shot might be that Mavs fans have been a little spoiled by watching point guards (Nash, Terry, Van Exel) with a great shot for a long time - We've become accustomed to seeing our guards look for and hit open threes.

When you look around the NBA there are a lot fewer teams with good shooting PG's then you might think. And there a lot of PG's who shoot a lot when they shouldn't (cough*BaronDavis*cough). Yes, you can be a goof and effective PG in the NBA without a jumpshot, but when it's a glaring hole in your game there is no reason to not do everything you can to improve it.


Dwain Price looks at 15th roster spot. While Barea and Ebi are still battling for job there are two other options for the Mavs.
  • Wait and see who gets cut around the league and sign one of them (Rawle Marshall?)
  • Nobody - go into the season with 14 men and leave your options open. Maybe Croshere gets hurt and you need to lure KVH out of semi-retirement, maybe there's no locker room leadership and you trade a 2nd round pick for DA. This option is looking most likely as the Mavs really have no need for Ebi or Barea or anyone else at the moment.

And Eddie Sefko has an article on Devean George's championship experience and the adjustments he's having to make now that he's outside of LA.