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Nine More Days to Go Links

Local sports writers were expectedly focused on the Cowboys this morning so there were just two Mavs articles in the local papers.

In the Star-Telegram's training camp article, Art Garcia talks to Austin Croshere about his shooting this preseason and also has a few quotes from Avery about the comeback win on Saturday.


Eddie Sefko writes about the importance of a good shot by bringing up the NBA finals.

In two of the last three games in the Finals, the Mavericks shot 37 percent or lower, including 31.6 percent in Game 4, when the Heat tied the series and shifted momentum to its side.

Four months later, it should not be surprising that the Mavericks are putting in as much time as possible on shooting the new basketball during training camp. The Mavericks have imported several solid perimeter shooters, but it is taking some time to acclimate them.

Greg Buckner, Devean George, Anthony Johnson and Austin Croshere all can make outside shots.
Another pretty good shooter is about be on the open market - Luke Jackson apparently won't make the Celtics.  I don't think there is any chance whatsoever that he ends up in Dallas, but he'll be the best player out there and the Mavs have an open spot so I figued I'd mention it.