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GM Predictions

Mavericks finally have another game tonight, but unfortunately it's only on HDNet so I won't be able to watch.

It won't quite be full squad tonight vs. Cleveland. Dwain Price reports that Dampier will miss tonight's game `with a hip', but Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse will both see their first game action of the preseason tonight. Avery is hoping/expecting Dampier to be ready for the last preseason game vs. SA on Friday and it sounds like he'll definitely play in the season opener.

"He's still not there yet," Johnson said. "Hopefully we'll have him back by Friday in San Antonio, but he got through a lot of the noncontact part of practice [Tuesday].

"He's running a little bit. So another day or two, hopefully he'll be ready to practice in San Antonio on Thursday and hopefully play on Friday"
As I'm sure you know, the game vs. Cleveland tonight is in Pittsburgh, Mark Cuban's hometown, and Eddie Sefko talked to Cuban about that as well as the subject of domestic vs. international preseason exhibitions.


In an interview of 28 of the 30 GM's, sixteen picked the Mavs to win the Southwest division and the other twelve picked San Antonio. So nobody is buying into any Houston hype. When asked who would in it all, 12 GM's picked the Spurs, eight picked Dallas, and four picked Miami to repeat. Here's the real shocker - one GM picked the Timberwolves and another picked the Magic.... which basically means this survey is worthless. Minnesota also recieved a vote last season - Kevin McHale doesn't take this very seriously.

Having established the validity of this survey here are other Mavs related items:
  • Dallas received a vote for best overall offseason moves
  • Marquis Daniels received a vote for most underrated acquisition
  • Dirk and Terry resigning received votes for least surprising move
  • Five GM's picked Dirk to win MVP
  • 3 GM's said Dirk forces opponents to make the most adjustments
  • Howard and Harris received a vote for most likely to have a breakout season
  • Dirk got 7 votes for best PF - 2nd to Duncan (16 votes)
  • Ager received a vote for rookie most likely to be a sleeper success
  • 25 GM's said Dirk was the best international player in the NBA (Manu got a vote!)
  • Diop got a vote for international most likely to breakout
  • Avery got seven votes for best motivator/manager
  • Del Harris got the most votes (7) for best assistant
  • Anthony Johnson received a vote for best future coach