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Thursday Morning Links

Couple of stories on the game last night. Eddie Sefko was impressed by Jerry Stackhouse's preseason debut. Stack had 12 points on 5-13 shooting in 19 minutes.

The Star-Telgram's `training camp' article was the only place I could find anything about Josh Howard missing the game last night.

Josh Howard (thigh) and Erick Dampier (hip) sat out against Cleveland. Both will be evaluated before Friday's preseason finale at San Antonio.
I'm guessing if it were serious at all there would be a lot more on it than that, so no worries.


Art Garcia has an article on Mark Cuban's return to Pittsburgh. Cuban has an idea on where another preseason venture should be - the new Cowboys stadium in 2009.
The other thing I wanted to do besides traveling is play an outdoor game," Cuban said. "Go to the new Cowboys stadium or [Pittsburgh's] Heinz Field and play outside in the summer for a preseason game. How much fun would that be?"

"It would be a way for the Cowboys to showcase what they're doing," he said. "To play a preseason game outside in front of 100,000 people would be a blast."

Cuban confirmed that conversations took place this week at the NBA's board of governors meeting in New York about a possible All-Star Game in Arlington.
Avery Johnson on the other hand has somewhere slightly different in mind - Senegal.


And finally David Moore has the latest mailbag up. Nothing too interesting in there, but he does predict that Jose Barea will get the 15th roster spot - the first local writer to make a declaration on the subject.

And the winner for most bizarre question goes to the man suggesting that the Mavs should trade there only backup PF, Austin Croshere, and a number one pick to the Knick for Steve Francis. The day that happens is the day I'm no longer a Mavs fan.