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ESPN Mavericks Preview

ESPN has all of their Western Conference previews up today - including the Mavericks.

Scoop Jackson, who picked the Mavs to finish tenth in the West last season, was the only 'expert' who predicted the Mavs to finish lower than second this season.

In addition to the expert predictions you may have noticed my name on the right. I welcome all of you who are at this site for the first time. My goal with this site is to create a one-stop for all the important links, news, and opinions that any Mavs fan needs. I update the site with various things throughout the day but always start off the morning with a summary of Mavs related items in the days papers.

Beyond just news, the site allows you to express you own Mavs opinions - just sign up then comment on any post or create your own diary and have a headline all to yourself. During the regular season there will be open threads for each game to discuss all the action with other fans.

So have a look around, make your season projections for Erick Dampier and Dirk, and come back to see what's here tomorrow.