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Community Projections: Jason Terry

Terry had a very good second campaign with the Dallas last year and was handsomely rewarded over the offseason.

JET saw jumps in just about every offensive category as Avery Johnson pushed him to become more of a scoring weapon. He had five more ppg (17.1), two more 3PA pg (5.1) and almost five more FGA attempts per game compared to 2005. That extra shooting came at the cost of assists as Terry had just 3.8 per game, down from over 5 per game in 2005. Those trends figure to continue this season as Terry will spend even more time at the 2 position.
Predict the following stats for his upcoming 06/07 season:

  • Points Per Game
  • Assists Per Game
  • 3-point attempts per game
My Prediction: 19.2ppg, 3.7apg, and 5.4 3PA per game.