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I Immediately Regret That Decision.

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How ready am I for regular season basketball? Well, I just watched the infamous Lakers 4th quarter comeback game from 2002 on ESPN classic. I told myself I would only watch the first half but I ended up watching the whole thing and now I'm in a bad mood. I'll probably have bad taste in my mouth until Thursday now.

That was a pretty ugly game in SA last night as well. (Box Score). Josh Howard was the only Mav who had a decent game, so hopefully the rest of the team will be ready when the they tipoff Thursday night. Jerry Stackhouse thought there was something positive to take away from the game.

"In the back of his mind you have to wonder if this is not what Avery Johnson wanted. Now everybody has to know that there's work to do before next Thursday if we want to play at that championship level. So maybe it's a good thing."
Onto the links...

Kevin Sherrington managed to write an entire article without a paragraph! It's about the written tests the players take on offensive/defensive schemes etc. There are some kind of funny anecdotes in there so it's worth reading.


The first results for Mark Cuban's ball test at UTA has been posted at his blog. Here's what I really want to know; what happened to all the old leather balls?


Art Garcia has an article on the starting lineup possibilities. Avery has apparently made up his mind but isn't letting anyone know for sure.
One of the big issues left is who starts alongside Jason Terry in the backcourt. Johnson has settled on an opening-night starter -- he's not saying who -- but the spot is hardly settled long-term.

"I'd like to have somebody who's there every night. I think we got in a groove last year when [Adrian Griffin] was starting and that worked out pretty good for us," Johnson said.

"Different years bring on different things. I'd like to have some stability there if we can. I think it matters."

And finally, Jose Barea has officially made the team.