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Sunday Links

Dwain Price reports that Erick Dampier should be almost 100% for the season opener but that Diop will be the starter. It continues to sounds like that might not be the case throughout the season.

While Diop will likely start against the Spurs, it's still not set in stone that Diop will keep the spot if Dampier can regain the form he had earlier in training camp.

"Right now I've got to make the best decision for the team," Johnson said. "But I will say this: No matter what role Erick Dampier is going to be in to start the season, he's been our best center in camp."

David Moore has a bunch of lists for his NBA season preview including a list of the top five players in the NBA that I don't agree with at all. I love Nash, but to rank him over Dirk is overdoing it.


Eddie Sefko pours salt in Mavs fans wounds with a few painful stats from the NBA finals.


Josh Howard has signed his contract.


And Sefko writes about what it will be like for the Mavs to go through a season as the reigning Western Conference champions. It's a good read.


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