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Picture Day

Nothing ground breaking happened at media day on Monday. No surprise new jerseys like the LA Clippers. And since the festivities took place at the AAC instead of somewhere like Moscow (Clippers), Lyon (Spurs), or Barcelona(76ers) there wasn't all that much fanfare.

According to Mark Cuban, the NBA wanted the Mavs to train in Germany but he declined , and that's fine with me. It serves no benefit to the team or the home fans. Sorry Dirk. All the Spurs are getting out of it is some weird looking preseason uniforms and the "opportunity" to do photo shoots on the NBA's behalf.

Of course, the Mavs had plenty of time to take photos themselves. Here are some of the better ones:


There is a very interesting note in Sefko's article about the Mavs training location.
" Josh Howard's contract status probably won't get addressed until close to the Oct. 31 deadline. Cuban and president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson both said there's a chance it could be tabled until after the season, when Howard would be an unrestricted free agent."
That's a REALLY bad idea. Certainly something to keep an eye on over the next month


The Dallas Morning News launched their Mavs blog yesterday.


And of course, the Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and even the San Antonio Express News have articles about the Mavs grueling second place offseason.