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Monday - The Week Of

Non Tony Romo related highlight of the Cowboys game - the new LeBron James commercial.

Hyperbole of the Cowboys game - John Madden comparing Romo to Brett Favre AND Joe Montana.

Not much Mavs related out there today - as is usually the case the day after a Cowboys game. The main story is the news that Don Nelson is trying to get 6 million in deferred contract money from Mark Cuban. The money goes back to the days of Ross Perot Jr. I don't have much to say on the issue because I really have no way of knowing the details and because it really has nothing to with the Mavs.


The Star-Telegram's training camp article has a short interview with Maurice Ager and a story about Jason Terry doing some miniature coaching sessions.


Ryan McNeill from continues to make the rest of the NBA bloggers look pretty amateur. Now he's got his own magazine which looks amazing and of course is amazingly well written as well. You can read it online here. I highly recommend that you do so.