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Charley Rosen is making things up.

This is actually eight days old, but I just got around to reading it. It's Rosen's list of NBA All-Time nice guys. Steve Nash deservedly made his list but his description of why was ridiculous.

Steve Nash is for real -- unafraid to verbalize political views which were extremely unpopular in Dallas (and which was undoubtedly one of his primary reasons for leaving the Mavericks), unimpressed with his own celebrity, and unashamed of his fondness for reading meaningful books.
Talk about misinformed. Nash was wildly popular when he left Dallas. He's still wildly popular in Dallas.

The fact that Nash left had everything do with 66 million dollars and nothing to with a T-Shirt he wore to the all-star game over a year before he left.

A flat out dumb aside by Rosen.