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Minutes Without Math

Eddie Sefko's article with the projections for the minutes of each Mav got me thinking. With the Mavs depth how hard will it be to divide up the time? So I took a quick look at the minutes everyone played last year and then made a projection about what seems right for them individually with the Mavs without thinking about if it was actually possible.

Last Season Projection
Dirk Nowitzki 38 37
Jason Terry 35 33
Josh Howard 33 34
Desaga Diop 19 19
Anthony Johnson 26 25
Greg Buckner 24 22
Devean George 22 9
Jerry Stackhouse 28 22
Devin Harris 23 27
Erick Dampier 24 25
Austin Croshere 23 15
DJ Mbenga 1 6
Maurice Ager 0 3
Pops Mensah-Bonsu 0 1
Jose Barea 0 0
296 278
56 minutes too many if everyone stayed constant from last season. But George and Croshere have much different roles on the Mavs than they did on their old teams. So I was "only" 38 minutes over 240 in my projection.

Update [2006-11-1 18:57:5 by Wes Cox]:My original table was really messed up.