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With the first win out of the way and nice schedule coming up I think a nice winning streak is on it's way.

I'd love to expand, but thanks to TNT this game didn't start until almost 10:00PM. I'm going to sleep.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 9 7.8 Quiet 4th quarter but carried the team in the first half
Jason Terry 9 6.4 The real Jason Terry! Made open shots - 11FTA - and clutch
DeSagana Diop 4 5.2 Pretty bad game -just can't contribute in a game of that style
Anthony Johnson 6 6 Was average in all aspects - in a good way (if that makes sense)
Jerry Stackhouse 9 6.6 Had his stroke tonight - HUGE offensive rebound with 1:10 left
Greg Buckner 4 5.2 Didn't do anything - his minutes are shrinking
Devin Harris 6 6.6 Production hurt by foul trouble
Erick Dampier 6 6 Missed some easy baskets and dropped some passes but his putback late in the 4th earns him a 6
Maurice Ager 5 5.3 Oddly played 2 minutes in the first and none after
Devean George 5 5 Nothing special

Box Score | AP Story