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Monday Morning Links

Art Garcia has a good game recap and also has quotes from Avery about Maurice Ager at the bottom of the article.

"I wanted him to get in and play with a lot of our veteran players," coach Avery Johnson said, "and to try to save some minutes early in the game on some of our perimeter guys."

"He's been working hard and he has been making fewer and fewer mistakes in practice," Johnson said. "They've gone down from 20 to 10."
Avery had wanted to get Ager about 8 minutes against the Suns but it didn't happen. I really like Johnson's idea to use him in the early in the game with the veterans. Even if it's just for a few minutes, it is far more valuable than playing 'trash' minutes in late in a game.


Eddie Sefko writes about LaMarcus Aldridge's good NBA debut. He did have some nice number last night, but I wasn't very high on him coming into the draft and I'm still not. A guy with as much talent as Aldridge shouldn't completely disappear in a college game but he did all too often with UT.


Sefko also has a game recap.
"One of the points of emphasis was Zach Randolph," coach Avery Johnson said. "The key was doing our best to contain him. Damp did an incredible job of trying to guard Randolph, who is one of the toughest covers in the league right now."