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11/14: vs Chicago Player Ratings

First some observations:

- It's safe to say the offense is back on track. Not only did Dallas score 30 in the first quarter for the fourth time in the last five games, but they scored 20 points in the final six minutes.

- Devean George is easily the farthest behind of the new players at learning Avery's system. I noticed several occasion where he didn't rotate properly on defense and obviously did the wrong thing on offense. Most notably was the time he handed the ball off to Dirk then then started to awkwardly run with Dirk resulting in a turnover. George's struggle to pick up is most likely a combination of spending most of his career in the triangle offense and Avery asking him to play the SF and PF position.

- Dampier was only credited with three blocks, but there were probably about three more that he didn't get credit for. He started the game shooting 7/7 in large part because five of his seven shots were dunks. That's a big deal for Damp because he often takes a layup when he could have just slammed it home - but not last night.

- Harris was a real pest on defense all night.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 9 7.8 Deng played him well but it didn't matter - had zero offensive rebounds
Jason Terry 7 6.9 Slow start but turned in a good all around game
DeSagana Diop 7 5.4 Five blocks in 11 minutes - what more can you say
Anthony Johnson 6 5.9 Played like a third string point guard
Jerry Stackhouse 7 7 Good shooting night - has filled in well for Howard
Greg Buckner 7 5.6 His best game of the regular season
Devin Harris 8 6.9 Can't judge Harris by the Box Score - found the open man far more than his five assists say
Erick Dampier 10 6.7 Was even better than the box score - had his man blocked out 90% of the time and could have had more than 13 rebounds if the ball bounced differently
Maurice Ager 5 5 Another scoreless cameo
Devean George 6 5.3 Unimpressive overall but his two three pointers were nice