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Power Rankings - 12th

If you're going to bounce back from an 0-4 start, it never hurts to clamp down defense. It led to a 3-0 week for Dallas. - 7th
After a four-game losing streak to end last season and another to start this season, Mavs have actually won two in a row. But they still don't look quite right.
DIME Magazine - 21st
this week's home-and-home with the Grizzlies will give the Mavs some kind of '06 postseason d?j? vu and they'll start looking like the team we saw last year.
Yahoo - 18th
The Mavs broke out of their 0-4 start by scoring 119 points in Phoenix, and they followed that up with a win in Portland.
SLAM Online - 8th
Much better than their record shows. The doomsday stories about their 0-4 start were premature. The Mavs have won three in a row and their next three gams are two with Memphis and one with Charlotte.