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Sunday Links

Dwain Price's game recap focuses on the defense.

One night after allowing Memphis to shoot over 50 percent, the Mavericks buckled down and held the Grizzlies to 36 percent shooting en route to an 89-84 victory Saturday night at American Airlines Center.

From a defensive standpoint, it was textbook basketball on the Mavs' part.
Dallas hadn't held a team to less than 96 points this season before last night. Just imagine what Memphis would have scored if the Dallas didn't have 18 turnovers.


Price, apparently covering for Art Garcia, reports that Avery made the team have a light practice Saturday morning.
Teams normally don't have shootarounds on the day they're playing the second end of back-to-back games. However, Johnson was upset that the Mavs allowed the Grizzlies to shoot 50.7 percent from the field Friday night in Memphis, even though the Mavs won 115-103.

"It was just a little walk-through, nothing strenuous," Johnson said. "We just had to clean up some stuff and get them out of bed a little bit. We just watched some film and walked through a couple of things."

Sefko has a little on Avery's coaching technique with Maurice Ager.
After the Mavericks' shootaround Saturday morning, Avery Johnson lit into rookie Moe Ager, giving him an earful of criticism.

Then Ager was pushed through a long string of sprints up and down the court, then from sideline to sideline.

Johnson said he was running Ager ragged "to sit on the bench."

That obviously wasn't true. Ager was the first Maverick off the bench against the Grizzlies on Saturday night.

And unique news item of the day goes to this from The Seattle Times.
Ever wonder what Franklin High graduate Jason Terry wears under there? Apparently breakaway boxers that are just as flashy as his game.
If you feel like a laugh go to Terry's brand of choice website ( and click on the breakaway men's line. Just be prepared.